It’s Back! Dealing with SAD

So here it is again, it’s that time of year, in it creeps slowly, not something you see or hear. It’s a silent demon that comes from nowhere. A silent enemy causing so much despair. An enemy that knows only the dark lonely nights, an enemy I’ve known for years at a time.

It makes me feel sad, down and alone, beginning in Autumn and making itself at home. Peaking in winter months and making me sad. Some years it’s okay, most years it’s bad.

I’m talking about an illness, which many think is not real. “It’s just in your head, (they say) it’s just how you feel. I’m making it up, it can’t come every year” But you don’t realise; your words cause more sadness and tears.

Even professionals sometimes dismiss it, they give us lots of tablets and say they should fix it. Give us some leaflets and tell us to smile, it will soon pass they say, will see you in a while.

Christmas is fun especially with kids, the build up, the smiles, the dinner and drinks. But then it’s all over as quick as it began and the mood drops again like a big massive bang.

The dark nights continue, the cold winter bites, the decorations down and horrible bitter nights. The kids back to school and work starts again, how I wish it was summer so I’d feel okay again.

The thing I am taking about is called S.A.D. It affects many people including me. It’s not made up and it’s not in my head, Seasonal Affective Disorder is the name of what you just read.

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