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Logiblocs from Great Gizmos are a range of science & educational kits fit older children. Logiblocs introduce children to computers and electronics in a creative and fun way.

This is the secret recorder kit. Inside the box are 4 simple pieces that fit together in certain ways to give a recording device that really works. It’s fairly easy to slot all the pieces together and it’s more than just a one use recorder as it can also be made into a few other handy gadgets too.

There are many other versions of Logiblocs too such as alarms, chimes and many more.

Great Gizmos also sent us out one of their robotix spider kits . This kit does seem a slightly bit tougher than the Logiblocs as there are more parts to assemble in this one.

This is aimed at kids ages 8 and over. Once you manage to connect it all together correctly, you get a robotic spider which hangs by string, just like the real thing would. It goes up and down by itself and even changes direction. To be honest, it’s a bit like putting Lego together, in other words it can be hit and miss as to whether the parts clip on and stay on. The string was a bit of a pain in the butt to attach but we got there eventually.

Both kits would make good presents or stocking stuffer gifts. They are quite unusual and will keep most kids happy whilst doing something educational.

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