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We played Rapidough many years ago when it first came out. We did enjoy it but I felt that my kids were a bit too young to properly understand it back then. A few years on and a few years added to my kids, we once again have a brand new Rapidough game with a few updates and improvements.

If your not familiar with Rapidough, it is a simple game and the aim is to play in teams and make things out of the included play dough. Your team members need to guess what it is before the other team and if you lose the round then the other team takes some of your play dough. When one team loses all their dough, the other team wins.

These are the game contents. There isn’t really much to this game once it’s all out of the box. There is no board game, playing pieces of dice. It is just play dough, cards, mats, dough stealers and plastic shaper tools.

The cards contain the word of what is to be made. They have been made easier than the original version to include more family friendly and easier words.

I’m useless at making stuff so my team rarely guesses my awful creations. Some words are more difficult than others and take a lot of thought. We can’t put any letters or words on the dough either it’s just sculpting and guessing.

The dough is water based and the same stuff as you would find in play dough sets. There are 2 pots, a yellow and a blue for two teams. The dough will eventually dry out or disappear but any dough can be used.

It costs Β£27.99 and suitable for ages 8 and over

For more information and stockists visit: www.drumondpark.com.


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