Rapidough review & giveaway

We played Rapidough many years ago when it first came out. We did enjoy it but I felt that my kids were a bit too young to properly understand it back then. A few years… View Post

Foxy Pants review & giveaway

This is Foxy Pants, a cheeky sneaky fox who wears a loose pair of green pants. His pants have large pockets in them with plenty of room for little chickens. The chickens go in to… View Post

Drumond Park: Bang On review & giveaway

Today we have a brand new game from the lovely people at Drumond Park. This is Bang On. One of those very fast quick thinking type games which keeps everyone interested. There’s a board, a… View Post

Shark bite game review + Giveaway

“Just when you thought it safe to go back in the water!” ? Drumond Park brings us Shark Bite! A ferocious man eating shark who eats just about anything, hungrily waits for an unsuspecting hand;… View Post

Drumond park: Dig in! Review + giveaway! 

This is our new game, sent to us by Drumond park.  The concept is simple, find the items that match the images on the card, the actual playing is a little more difficult.  Inside the… View Post

 Drumond Park – Shopkins spot the difference + giveaway

This one is certainly different to the many board games I have had the pleasure to test out from   Drumond park previously. I would probably describe it more of an activity between friends or siblings… View Post

Drumond Park: Stoopido review & giveaway 

This is Stoopido!  It’s a game from the well known game company – Drumond Park It’s named Stoopido – possibly because it is very “Stoopido” and quite silly. It’s brand new and released just in… View Post

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