Glam Goo – safe slime made fashionable

Are your kids obsessed with the slime craze? Spending hours viewing you tube videos on how to make the stuff? Or using up all your precious toiletries and household products? Then you are not alone… View Post

Winter hats from BUFF®

It’s been so cold these past few weeks, which is no real surprise considering it’s January and the UK, but it does seem a touch colder than normal. I’m not a morning person, I also… View Post

My Vitamin box

It seems the whole country have got into weight loss and fitness mode this month. Yes that includes myself, I’ve been eating much much healthier these past two weeks and started back at the gym… View Post

Personally presented gifts

Now that Christmas is well and truly done with, it’s probably no surprise to find that the shops are already filling with both Valentines and Mother’s Day cards and gifts. If you hate browsing shops… View Post

Big Ben 3D Puzzle

Big Ben may not be chiming right now but still remains one of London’s most famous landmarks. I took my children to see it for themselves a while ago, and now we have our very… View Post

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