Big Ben 3D Puzzle

Big Ben may not be chiming right now but still remains one of London’s most famous landmarks. I took my children to see it for themselves a while ago, and now we have our very own mini Big Ben with a working clock.
This is in the form of a 216 piece puzzle from Ravensburger. Each piece is made from plastic and is numbered on the back which makes putting this together so much easier. Without the numbers I think it would prove very difficult as the main structure is all the same colour and the pieces look identical.

The city board at the bottom is in one piece. The square clock face also needs no construction but the main tower and the top spier do.
Even with easy follow numbers on the back, it does get difficult. If the pieces are pressed in too hard, the whole thing can collapse which becomes very annoying. If not pressed in firmly enough then they may just fall out. It took me four days to complete mine.
The clock face is a real working clock which just requires batteries so not only is this a stunning jigsaw structure but also an extra time piece. The recommended age is 10 and above but we all joined in to get this built. RRP £15 – £20.

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