My Vitamin box

It seems the whole country have got into weight loss and fitness mode this month. Yes that includes myself, I’ve been eating much much healthier these past two weeks and started back at the gym as well as exercising at home.
Vitamins and minerals play a big part in healthy lifestyles and help to keep our bodies running fine.
My Vitamin box is a monthly subscription which brings a supply of monthly one a day vitamins. There are two options, both of which give a 30 day supply. The wellness box and the vitality box. The vitality box at Β£9.99 is for a more energetic lifestyle and happens to be the one I have.

The pills are in capsule form and arrive in a small metallic tin. Along with the pills, a leaflet explaining all the ingredients inside them, and believe me there are a lot of good things inside these.

Yes I know they don’t look too appealing do they, and they smell quite funny too. If you have ever taken sea kelp or other vitamins for skin and hair then it’s a very similar smell which isn’t that nice. However the smell is familiar so I know it’s good stuff.
If I went to a health shop for similar vitamins then I would probably expect to pay either the same or more for a months supply and with this being a subscription it means I don’t even need to leave the house to get them.

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