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Tooth decay amongst children is now unfortunately at an all time high in the UK. Because of this the NHS are taking steps to remove sugary drinks from hospital shops this year. Tooth decay is no doubt on the rise due to consumption of sugary drinks and foods and also the lack of proper dental care at home.
DenTek specialises in creating affordable and effective interdental brushes, floss picks and tongue cleaners to remove plaque and prevent bad breath!

Regular brushing with an electric or manual toothbrush is by far the most important part of caring for teeth. But… toothbrushes don’t always manage to get to the more tricky parts of the mouth and in particular the small spaces and pockets in between the teeth. This area is especially prone to stuck small food particles and sugars which if left to build up can result in gum disease, decay and tooth loss.
Of course many adults also suffer with gum disease at varying stages, DenTek sells products for both adults and children. If a good oral care routine is established when children are still young then this may just prevent problems in adult life.
This is called an interdental brush, sometimes known as a flossing brush too. It’s a very simple piece of kit. They come in multipacks and in many sizes. The wire brush is placed inbetween teeth, wiggles around and will dislodge and remove any debris or gunk that a toothbrush can’t. The brush sizes start from very narrow to very wide as people have varying sizes of gaps and pockets between the teeth. I would say these small brushes are best used by adults and teens as they can sometimes get a little stuck when cleaning teeth and are also made from wire so probably not great for the younger ones.
For younger children, DenTek have the kids fun flossers.

There are 40 flossers in one of these bags. They work similar to the interdental brushes but are more gentler to a child’s mouth. Instead of a wire brush it’s a thin piece of fruity flavoured stringy floss which glides inbetween the teeth.
And to make brushing for the little ones just a little more fun, we have some toothbrush animal covers. This fit over most manual toothbrushes with a choice of animals. They all come with a suction cup to so that they can stick to bath walls. They also help to keep the toothbrush clean whilst not in use.

More oral care products can be viewed on the DenTek UK website.

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