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Now that Christmas is well and truly done with, it’s probably no surprise to find that the shops are already filling with both Valentines and Mother’s Day cards and gifts. If you hate browsing shops or want something a little more personal then take a look at Personally Presented who have lots of unique gifts for both occasions.
Now I don’t have a partner so I don’t tend to do much for Valentine’s Day which is really sad I know, but I did think this mug was rather cute.

It’s not overpowering with mushy love and could even be given to a special friend or family member as well as a lover for Valentines. The personalisation is on the back and can be anything you want. In this case I kept it really simple.

And if your other half is worth more than a fancy cup then they have lots more Personalised Valentines gifts to suit most budgets. Items such as cute bears, watches, jewellery and much more.
As for Mothers’s Day, which for all you clueless men; falls on March 11th this year then you will also find many Personalised Mother’s Day gifs too. Us mother’s do a good all year round job so it’s nice to have a day where we get a little thank you gift for it. And this will certainly go down a treat on Mother’s Day.

Yes it’s a real full size bottle of Prosecco which happens to be one of my favourite tipples. Of course my children would not really be able to buy me this themselves as they are all under 18, but it’s a very nice touch with the added personalisation. I’ve not opened it yet, it’s being saved for a better occasion.
So this year make those special dates even more special with a gift from Personally Presented.

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