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In 1987, Marvin’s Magic launched their first professional magic made easy range within Hamleys of Regent Street in central London. The mastermind behind Marvin’s Magic is Marvin Berglas – first class magician and entrepreneur who grew up in one of the most famous and respected magical families.

Each Christmas in our home I can always guarantee there will be at least one magic set amongst Ryan’s many presents. He loves magic and magic sets and enjoys watching magicians on television too. 

Last year Ryan recieved the “Marvins i magic” set which allows him to do various tricks using an iPhone. Recently he was sent over 2 more sets from the Marvins magic store.

The first kit is the Marvin’s magic rabbit & top hat.

This seems to be a great starter kit for younger magicians. The age guide is 6 and over. It comes with a furry top hat, rabbit hand puppet and various other items for easy tricks.

The instruction book gives an easy step by step guide to doing all the tricks. Most are really easy and yes young magicians can even pull a rabbit out of an empty hat. Other tricks include a mind reading dice, plus cup, ball and card magic. 

These tricks are easy and best performed to a younger audience.

This set costs £19.99 and makes a perfect introduction into the world of magic.

The next magic kit to test out is the “Amazing bag of tricks” 

This one is for the slightly older child (8 and over) who has perhaps mastered the easier kits. It comes well presented wire everything having its place in the box.

It also comes with a handy drawstring carry bag to keep everything in, this also makes it easy to take to parties and friends. 

The tricks and illusions in this kit do take a little more effort than the other set and will appeal to an older (child) audience. They include turning keys, Houdini chains, prediction, Appearing coins, fly tricks and many card tricks.

Some of these tricks do take some practice to get right. This set costs about £24.99 and includes a DVD. 

 I think my son i quickly becoming a great magician with his new kits.
Marvins magic has many types of magic and illusion kits for all ages which can be purchased directly from their website and also from Amazon and most good toy stores.

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