Num Noms series 1

A few weeks ago my girls (and me) reviewed the Num Noms. Num Noms are a new collectable figure type toy which come in with several parts and when stacked together they resemble food.  We… View Post

Blackpool tower fun

Over the weekend we took a trip to the Blackpool tower. The tower is one place that we all love going to. I remember going several times with my parents when younger, and even though it’s… View Post

Our kitchen gadgets from Oxo

When Izebella was younger, I had the pleasure of working with Oxo UK on their baby and toddler products. They have a lot of colourful products for babies and toddlers. Izebella is now a little old for… View Post

Go Jetters magazine 

Go Jetters is a brand new magazine aimed at young children ages 2-5 years. The first issue launches today and should be available to buy in most shops and stores that sell magazines. The magazine… View Post

*WIN* MC2 Experiment doll

Project MC2 are a brand new fashion doll line by MGA Entertainment,  My girls had the pleasure of reviewing one several months ago. If you have not heard of these dolls yet then take a… View Post

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