The misadventures of Max Crumbly: Locker hero

If you have a young girl then you may just be familiar with the Dork diaries book series. If so then you may get the feeling that perhaps the boys are missing out a little. Now no one is saying that boys can’t read Dork diaries too but given the girly characters and many pink and purple covers, it’s easy to see why Dork diaries appeals more to girls. 

Well worry not because now the author of Dork diaries (Rachel RenΓ¨e Russell) has a brand new book series called – The misadventures of Max Crumbly.

Now this book has a blue cover and an image of a boy on the front. This boy being the main book character Max Crumbly, and is more likely to appeal to boys. 

Max Crumbly is the new dork on the block. The book has similarities to Dork diaries. It is wrote in a similar style with various character entries and incidents, thoughts, feelings etc. There are many doodles and images (drawn by character) throughout. There aren’t any dates on the entries as such but each page of entries flows on to the next.

As the text is nicely spaced out, with images appearing regularly, it makes it quite easy and fun to read. 

Storyline -Poor Max Crumbly! Stuffed in his locker for the second time in one day! Thinking he might never get out.

Max decides to chronicle his first two weeks of eighth grade at South Ridge Middle School in his journal at least then there will be a record of what happened when his body is found. 

Coming from seven years of homeschooling, Max dreamed of being a superhero here; instead, he s school-bully Doug Thug Thurston s new favorite target. Luckily, Erin Madison rescued Max from his first involuntary locker vacation, but the next time Thug strikes is after everyone has left for a three-day weekend. Enduring a few hours of cramped conditions, Max escapes through the back of his locker, where he crawls through ductwork, foils a robbery, and saves the school s new computers! 

And this brand new book series which starts with “Locker hero” is aimed towards young readers aged 9 and over. The publisher is Simon and Schuster and the book can be found on Amazon and most good book stores. RRP Β£10.99.

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