Dork Diaries: Puppy Love

Being a fan of the Dork diaries book series means Jordanna gets sent a fair few of them to read. Reading Dork diary instalments usually takes her about a week or so. I’m unsure how… View Post

The misadventures of Max Crumbly: Locker hero

If you have a young girl then you may just be familiar with the Dork diaries book series. If so then you may get the feeling that perhaps the boys are missing out a little.… View Post

Dork Diaries: Drama Queen!Β 

   Dork Diaries is back again on book shelves and stores throughout the UK. The latest installment  in the book series was released just a few weeks ago.  The books are aimed towards girls aged… View Post

Dork Diaries: once upon a dork

   Once upon a Dork is one of the latest additions to the 8 book series of Dork Diaries. The books are wrote by author Rachel Renee Russel and seem to aimed more towards girls… View Post

Competition & book review: Dork Diaries Tv Star

   Wrote by author Rachel Renee Russel and published by Simon and Schuster childrens books, The Dork diaries is a series of books revolving around the life of main character and queen of the dorks… View Post

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