Bouncing Back from Bad Business Reviews

Receiving a negative review for your business can be disheartening. However, it’s crucial to remember that in today’s digital world, no business is immune to occasional criticism. More importantly, negative reviews can provide valuable feedback… View Post

Home made lamb pasta bolognese

This year I made a resolution to try and eat and cook more healthily. I have recently started buying and using more fresh ingredients as well as the usual frozen bits. Last night I made… View Post

Num Noms series 5

Yes they are back. The little rubber and plastic tiny strange figures that all have strange foody type scents are back with series 5. Yes my girls have been collecting them for years and have… View Post

Ssshh it’s baby Secrets

There’s a new collectible in town that may just be very popular in 2018. It’s baby secrets. BabySecrets are miniature baby dolls, but unlike many other baby dolls, they come with many strange facial features… View Post

Bloomsbury Publishing: Facts! One for every day of the year 

Can you imagine having a book, with something different wrote for each day of the year? Well this is that book.    Written by Tracey Turner and published by Bloomsbury books, this is a lovely… View Post

Shark bite game review + Giveaway

“Just when you thought it safe to go back in the water!” ? Drumond Park brings us Shark Bite! A ferocious man eating shark who eats just about anything, hungrily waits for an unsuspecting hand;… View Post

Emoji's have landed

Emoji fever seems to be taking over the UK with the recent release of the Emoji movie. Kids everywhere want all new emoji themed accessories, and these poseable light up figure and just one of… View Post

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