Num Noms series 5

Yes they are back. The little rubber and plastic tiny strange figures that all have strange foody type scents are back with series 5. Yes my girls have been collecting them for years and have built up a large collection of hundreds of the things.

If you’ve never seen them then you must have been hiding on another planet, or you just don’t have kids as they do seem to be everywhere.

And here she is, the biggest Num Nom collector ever with her new big pack of series 5.

With this deluxe pack, Izebella got a huge 12 individual Num Noms, the majority of which being lip gloss, so they aren’t entirely useless. She does love her little bits and pieces and as you can tell by her smile, she loves new Num Noms.

This pack smells of delicious desserts. Personally I don’t go smelling them all myself, but often get them shoved in front of my nose and asked to smell them. Some smell like what they are supposed to be and some smell completely different or even a little disgusting but that’s just my opinion and I’m not the one playing with them.

The packs come in different sizes, usually with a surprise or mystery Num Nom that you cannot see until you open it. This is one of the larger packs. The blind bags are the least expensive and are simply surprises in boxes or a bag. There are also many accessories and special editions of these to collect.

Smyths, The Entertainer, many large supermarkets and Amazon are just a few places that sell Num Noms and in particular the new series 5. Prices vary. M

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