Emoji's have landed

Emoji fever seems to be taking over the UK with the recent release of the Emoji movie. Kids everywhere want all new emoji themed accessories, and these poseable light up figure and just one of them. 

There are three to collect and for some strange reason, my kids seem obsessed with the poop shaped one – which also happens to be called “Poop” the other two are Jailbreak and Gene and we have two of these.
Now I’m not sure what exactly these are meant to be or their use; as they don’t really do all that much. Their arms and legs can be moved and they can be also be removed from the stands so maybe a little like dolls?
 They also both light up, but the light isn’t anything special and not really bright enough for reading, Plus it doesn’t stay on long enough. The lights are only activated when one of the characters arms are lifted and then instantly go off again as the arms don’t stay up. 

I actually struggled to get pictures of the lights on as one of my hands had tohold up the arm, with the other taking the picture.
Jordanna wasn’t too impressed with the short amount of light. Izebella seemed happy to have just something from the Emoji movie.
If anything they do make nice enough bedroom decorations and accessories, they aren’t soft so no good for bedtime hugs either. I’m thinking maybe in a few years time they may just be sought after by movie apparel fans and who knows perhaps worth a bit more than the Β£14.99 price tag. 
Visit Flair toys for more info. 

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