Bloomsbury Publishing: Facts! One for every day of the year 

Can you imagine having a book, with something different wrote for each day of the year? Well this is that book. 


Written by Tracey Turner and published by Bloomsbury books, this is a lovely book full of random, yet interesting, and informative facts for each day of the year. Each page brings a different colour and different images of animals, nature, jobs and the world. 

I have been having a good browse through the book myself, prior to giving it to my darling children and many of these daily facts are quite surprising and a lot of things I never knew. 

Who could of guessed; for just one example that a phobia of children and teenagers actually exists? 

And more well known parts of our history of course! 

 Some of the facts are date specific or “On this date” such as the one above and celebrated dates like Halloween, Valentines and Christmas Day. These dates also have theme specific pages. 

Of course being a book full of interesting facts and reading a bit like a calendar of diary, there was one specific date that I just had to flick through to, just to see what it said. Yes my birthday!  And it’s about toilets of all things. Oh well who knows, this one fact may one day prove to be useful in winning some sort of general knowledge quiz or game. It’s definitely a new bit of knowledge to me. 

 With the book came this very lovely collecton of postcards too. 
Each postcard represents one month of the year along with one fact and images from the book.  

 This book would make an excellent Christmas gift/stocking filler. Not only are the facts really intriguing for both kids and adults alike, but the book begins on January 1st like many diaries and calendars meaning children can follow the facts the whole year through.  

 The book costs just £12.99 to buy from Amazon. I don’t always agree with book prices, but in this case I do. I could happily sit and read the facts each day myself.

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(#ad this is a paid post, the content and views are totally my own) 

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