Degustabox June

June, being the start of Summer brings with it a BBQ themed Degustabox. In this box are many sauces and snacks to enjoy with a BBQ, should the weather let us have one.

I’ll start with 1) Smooze, because I barely had time to look at these before my kids snatched them away and put them in the freezer.

Yes Smooze are ice lollies or fruit ice to be more precise. They come made with natural fruits and 40% coconut and taste like a smoothie slush. There are 5 per box costing Β£2.50.

2) Zeo – Nothing quite beats a cool refreshing lemon drink in the hot weather. Zeo comes made with real lemons and real lemon oil, giving a fresh cloudy healthy lemonade. Β£2.75 a bottle.

3) Schwartz burger mix – I don’t want to say too much about this one just yet. As I will be doing a separate  post making burgers with this stuff. It’s a packet of burger mix in a few flavours which you combine with mince meat at home to make your own. Β£1.49.

4) Branston – Probably better known for their pickle range, Branston have this spicy tomato relish which is perfect for burgers and hot dogs. It certainly has a bit of a kick and I found it works great with wraps too. Β£1.65.

5) Haywards – If you do like a bit of pickle with your BBQ then Haywards have jars of medium and tangy silverskin pickle onions to delve into. These are big chunky onions and they also make a nice accompaniment to a Sunday roast too. Β£1.89.

And for something a little different”

6) Sacla – pesto pots to give a taste of Italy to your food. Β£2.79 (4 pots)

7) Miracle noodles – low calorie, soy and gluten free. Β£2.49.

8) Heinz Amoy – Coconut milk, perfect for a Summer curry. Be it Korma or Thai.
9) Marstons – It’s larger for those worn out men! Β£1.70. Probably over priced for one can.

10) Bakedin – Once the BBQ has died down and it’s time for something sweet perhaps try a Bakedin mug brownie. These cake in cups can be ready in under 2 minutes in the microwave. Β£1.50 each.

11) Destrooper-Oliver – A sweet treat made in Belgium. Butter waffle crisps are lovely with a much needed cup of tea. Β£1.10 per packet. These are really nice and buttery. They break easily as per our photo but it doesn’t matter as they all need eating.

12) Butterkist – The final product of Degustabox June box is also the product of the month and it’s popcorn from the well known Butterkist brand. The new flavoyr is yoghurt coated popcorn and it has a delicious sweet and creamy taste with just 95 calories per serving, tho I’m unsure what one serving entails. It comes as both a big sharing bag and multipacks of 6 (smaller bags). Β£1.69. 

And that concludes my full June Degusrabox reveal. As you can see I have lots of products again this month. These are all the products on offer to customers this month but not everyone will receive every product I have listed, but rather a mixture of at least 10 items (usually more). As always the value of the full sized products will always outweigh the low cost of Β£12.99 per monthly box which also includes the delivery charge. Degustabox also has many offers on which allows customers to get their first boxes for half price or even less. 

“Use the following code to get Β£7.00 off your box! “



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