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I'm not a breakfast person at all. Despite the constant drone of “breakfast is the most important meal” i still rarely eat it. I hate, hate cereal to me it's all,a soggy mess in a bowl which often reminds me of something else (think morning after a night out). I rarely get time to make toast and rarely feel like toast first thing anyway. Although I love a full English it's just not possible nor practical or healthy every morning. But… For people like me there is an easy tasty alternative. That is the new “Tops” from Belvita.

They are of course biscuits, albeit healthy biscuits. Rich in cereal, fibre, iron, magnesium and vitamins B1 & E. They are made with five whole grains and sound just the perfect thing to start off the day. They come in two delicious flavours which are Strawberry and Choco Hazelnuts. It's a crunchy biscuit base topped with a soft topping and they are both quite tasty. The biscuit reminds me a little of rusk with a similar taste.

Each box contains 5 foil wrapped packets of the breakfast biscuits and each little wrapped packet contains 3 biscuits. Therefore 15 biscuits per pack. As they come in individual packs of 3, this makes it easy to pop them in a bag or lunchbox and take them with you to work or even school.

These Belvita breakfast biscuits have a high content of slowly digestible starch which is a slow release carbohydrate. Eating foods such as these raises blood glucose levels less after a meal meaning blood sugar is more steady over the morning.

These new biscuits are perfect for me and people like me who for whatever reason rarely eat breakfast due to time or not liking what's on offer. They are a convenient healthy and tasty option for a much needed morning snack.

Children love them too. Even the younger ones. Probably best hiding them so they don't know they are there ha. I don't get anything to myself in this house.

The RRP for the new Breakfast Tops is Β£2.79 per pack and they are available from most major retailers. Check the Belvita website for more info.


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