Healthier snacks: Fruit Heroes

Continuing with my healthier snacking products. I bring you Fruit Heroes which are proving to be a very popular lunchbox treat amongst the youngsters over in Denmark which I believe is where these tasty bars originate.  … View Post

Healthier Snacks: Co-Op

Just recently I have been sent over a fair selection of healthy snacks and drinks from different companies, and so; over the next few days I’ll be posting about them all. They all claim to… View Post

Belvita breakfast biscuits Tops

I'm not a breakfast person at all. Despite the constant drone of “breakfast is the most important meal” i still rarely eat it. I hate, hate cereal to me it's all,a soggy mess in a… View Post

Get Fruity bars

I have been wanting to introduce some new foods into my children’s diets but they can all be so fussy at times. Ryan is the worst and I’m not too sure if it’s a boy… View Post

Nim's Fruit Crisps

Nim’s fruit crisps began in 2010 and is the inspiration of cafe owner Nimisha Raja. The fruit crisis provide the perfect balance between sweetness and combine two types of fruit in each packet. Providing a… View Post

Yu Healthy Snacks & Competition (CLOSED)

Made from real fruit, the Yu healthy snacks range is the perfect solution to healthier snacking on the go. There are three delicious ranges, including three with a natural yogurt coating . Yu! Bars (40%… View Post

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