Healthier snacks: Fruit Heroes

Continuing with my healthier snacking products. I bring you Fruit Heroes which are proving to be a very popular lunchbox treat amongst the youngsters over in Denmark which I believe is where these tasty bars originate.  

Fruit Heroes are fruit bars in 4 fruit flavours and obviously aimed more towards the kiddies than adults. After all every parent wants their child to eat more healthily but kids want something that still tastes good and sweet, well these may be just the thing. 

 Fruit Heroes contain no added preservatives, no added sugar and are high in fibre. The delicious taste and sweetness of Fruit Heroes comes from the natural content of fruit sugar (fructose) in the fruits.

The four flavours are strawberry, banana, blackcurrant and Apple & Raspberry. The bars come in multipack boxes and each box contains 5 20g bars. The flavours of the bars indicate which fruit is in which bar but the bars are mainly made with dates and other fruits can be found in each. I’m not a lover of dates either but I could not really taste dates in the bars which sounds strange so don’t let the ingredients put you or your child off as they are actually quite nice, especially the banana one for me! 

All 3 of my children were fairly happy with these as an alternative snack to chocolate. As I had so many I also let some of the children in my street sample them and again thumbs up for their taste.  

Our bars arrived just before the half term started so have done my children for inbetween meal snacks but they are of course perfect for lunch boxes. 

Fruit heroes should be in the supermarkets shortly, if not already and more information is of course on their website here

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