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With the school holidays upon us, it’s likely many families across the country will be taking much needed holidays or day trips out.
Travelling with young children can be extremely stressful and especially so on the longer journeys. Parents everywhere dread the sound of those 5 little words “Are we nearly there yet?. Five words that seem to echo over and over and continually repeat every 5-10 minutes over and over until the journey ends or the child falls asleep.
Yes we have all been there as parents travelling with children and no doubt we as children all did exactly the same thing.
There are many things we can do to relieve travel stress and boredom. First is to take along a few light snacks along the way, it’s best to avoid too many drinks tho unless you want constant motorway edge stops.
Then pack drawing materials and books.
Another boredom reliever would be to invest in some low cost travel games such as the ones from Paul Lamond games.

I have two different very inexpensive travel games to post about.
The first is quite amusingly named “Are we there yet”

The game is really basic containing a set of picture cards in a box. It’s more suited to travel by car or coach as the object of the game is to try and spot what’s on the card. It works a little like I Spy

20140702-093931-34771913.jpg. The objects being things that usually appear along a roadside or motorway and points are given when the correct item is spotted.
Sine instructions come with the game but you could make your own rules up as you go along. It will certainly keep kids going for a good half hour or so.
The game needs at least 2 players and comes with a recommended age guide of 6. Personally I see no reason wry yet younger ones can’t join in too.

The second travel game is also a card game but much different.
50 Fun Game for On The Go

In this box are 50 individual cards. Each card with it’s own unique game on. Some of them will seem very familiar such as I Spy, What’s missing and a Memory game. Some of the games you play with the cards and some you have to use your imagination.
Here are just 2 out of 50.

These cards are probably fine for most types of travel modes. Be it car, plane, train or boat. I have found the odd card which is more a car game but the majority can be played anywhere, even at home if you wish.

Both card games can most probably be found in most good toy retailers.
I’m not going anywhere big for my holidays this year. I am going on a few weekend trips away so both these games will be coming along with us.

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  1. Spencer Broadley
    July 4, 2014 / 12:42

    Are we “nearly” there yet – more like “are we there yet” 10 minutes into a 4 hour drive!!!!

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