Tips for Working Single Moms

Contrary to the outdated belief that you had to stop working entirely if you wanted to be a mom, the truth is that you can have it all. Make no mistake about it, parenting on your own is twice the work, and you’ll have challenges ahead of you, particularly if you don’t have any friends or family to help you out. After all, even though we might depend on grandma and grandpa to give us a hand once we have kids, things don’t always pan out the way we want them to. They may live in an assisted living facility, or maybe we moved a state away. 

The bottom line is, that single parenting means it’s up to you to find solutions. Single parenthood can be overwhelming, but also promises success. Despite its complexities, single parenthood can be an empowering and smooth experience if you navigate it successfully. Here are the best tips for working single moms.

Set a Realistic Schedule

Time management is key when it comes to navigating the challenges of working and parenting. We need to create a realistic schedule that can be adjusted as needed and that ultimately accommodates both your work commitments and your family responsibilities. Prioritize in order of pressing importance and set realistic goals for yourself. 

Remember, even though you might see yourself as β€œSupermom” (and you are!) you’re still only human, so don’t hesitate to delegate when you need to. The older your kids get, the more you should enlist them to help you with age-appropriate tasks. From dishwashing to folding laundry, giving your kids jobs will give them a sense of responsibility and purpose.

Create a Support System

There will be days when you’re so spread thin that you want to scream and tear your hair out. That’s why you need to establish a strong support system that you can lean on when times get tough. A support system can be a mixture of friends, families, and even coworkers. The idea is to lean on a group of people who can help you, whether it be by helping with child care or offering emotional support.

Explore Remote Work

Nowadays, more and more companies are offering hybrid or remote work options. Ask your employer whether they may be flexible about offering you work that you could complete from home to be able to meet the needs of your children. Many employers will be willing to make adjustments if they value you as an employee. In truth, many tasks can be completed remotely with the right technology. So don’t be afraid to ask. If you’re doing a great job at your work, and you have a positive relationship with your employer, chances are they may be willing to find flexible options to retain you as an employee.

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