What You Should Know About Removable Wall Decals

Decorative wall stickers or wall decals are made of vinyl that can be stuck to any smooth surface. While most decals are one color, some have several images printed on them. In any case, wall… View Post

8 Inspiring Ideas To Dress Your Boring Walls

Walls are like a blank canvas that you can dress the way you want. Not surprisingly, interior designers see them as the most influential element of home decor. You have endless possibilities when it comes… View Post

5 Important Reasons to Use Wall Art in Your Interior Designs

Oftentimes, you find many homeowners overlook the importance of using wall art to improve their interior home designs. But wall decor is what makes your home designs perfect. It gives your home a whole new… View Post

8 Ways To Remodel Your Walls Without Hiring A Pro

For Sam, waking up was the most taxing thing for the day. Being a creative head for an interior design firm is challenging. It drains all your energy, and you are left with nothing more… View Post

What To Look For If There’s A Crack In Your Wall

There are few house issues that can be so immediately worrisome as a crack appearing in your wall. It might look like things are about to start collapsing at any moment, but before you jump… View Post

A guide to gorgeous gallery walls

If you’re looking to spruce up your home decor and give it a bit of an edge, one thing you can incorporate into your home is a gorgeous gallery wall. A gallery wall in your… View Post

Brighten up dull walls with Wallsauce

Wallsauce.com create inspiring custom wall murals for customers throughout the UK, Europe and the Rest of the World.Β  If you’re fed up of seeing plain dull walls in your home and you’re wanting something more… View Post

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