8 Ways To Remodel Your Walls Without Hiring A Pro

For Sam, waking up was the most taxing thing for the day. Being a creative head for an interior design firm is challenging. It drains all your energy, and you are left with nothing more than bizarre sleep patterns. 

But today was special because Sam had to present ideas to a client. Some remodeling ideas that will transform the boring walls in their office to something work of a genius. 

Today was a chance for Sam to express his creativity and share his experience to get what he deserved. 

If you are looking to remodel your walls and turn them into something creative, don’t skip this blog. 

We’ll take an inside look at the strategies that Sam presented, which resulted in his promotion. 

  • 1. Paint Like Picasso

The first idea that Sam presented was the most creative one. He suggested painting the walls like Picasso. Of course, he didn’t recommend enrolling in a painting course; he meant bringing that inner creativity to life. 

A beautiful mix of complementary wall colors that are eye-pleasing and creates an environment of peace and serenity. He suggested that either the walls can be painted with solid colors or drawing a pattern, design taken from the internet. 

And in modern times, solid colors on the walls are classified as an art of brilliance and creativity. 

  • 2. Use Artwork Or Custom Photograph

The next idea that Sam suggested was placing a beautiful artwork, a family photo, or a custom DIY painting that will transform the identity of the place. 

The idea might seem like a simple one, but when the right side of the photo is placed on the wall, it looks appealing, chic, and even elegant. Get your creative juices flowing by customizing an image that you love and stick it on the wall.

Sam suggested using a photo, artwork that blends in with your furniture and adds value to your home decor. 

Try to be as creative as you can with the artwork and pick something that adds value to your wall. 

  • 3. A Classical Wallpaper Can Do Wonders

Since one of the members of the client was into trendy art and Sam knew that beforehand, Sam added this classical wallpaper idea too.

Wallpapers can bring life into those dead and dull walls. There are a plethora of paints, patterns, and colors that you can easily choose. 

For a small room, fine textures are great because they create more space. For adding a visual effect, Sam suggested using large prints as wallpapers. It is necessary to pick colors that suit your taste.     

Finally, for children, Sam proposed using maps as they facilitate learning in a fun way. 

  • 4.Use Canvas Prints To Reconnect With Family

For a family-oriented guy, Sam recommended Canvas Prints. Apart from being affordable, he proposed that Canvas Prints are a great way to take a train down memory lane with your family. 

A collage of family photos printed digitally can act as a family gallery on your wall. The prints can easily be mounted on the frames or left raw. In both cases, this idea will help in reminding the importance of family and their beautiful memories with us. 

Moreover, Sam suggested to be creative and use whatever picture gives you motivation or excites or brings an element of hope. 

  • 5. Mount A Bookshelf

The next one that Sam suggested is good for bookaholic people. Those that find peace in books and their presence brings a feeling of serenity. 

The bookshelf can either be mounted on the wall or hung creatively. The modern bookshelves are designed in a way to contribute to the home decor of the home. 

However, it is vital to check the orientation of the bookshelf and help in avoiding any casualties. 

  • 6.Mirrored Walls

Another creative method that Sam suggested was to use mirrored walls to add style and depth to the walls. 

Mirrors are a great way to add space to the room because they reflect the existing room, giving an impression of being spacious. 

This is a creative tip for a small apartment to give an impression of more space in the room. The mirrors will make up for the small space, and you’ll feel like living in a spacious place. 

  • 7. Wake Up Everyday With Inspirational Quotes

Positivity comes from within, and to keep that positive attitude intact, Sam suggested using inspirational quotes on the walls. 

Craft your quotes or choose your favorite ones and fill the wall with all the inspiration you need to jump out of your bed every day. You can even choose the different themes of quotes for different rooms. 

There are tons of artists who are selling their artworks in the form of quotes. Grab some of them and place them on your wall for everyday inspiration. 

  • 8. Using Old Music Records

The last idea that Sam advised was using old music records so that they are disposed of creatively. 

Hanging music records in any room will change the appearance of the home or office. It gives a special feeling to music lovers. And a treat for old music record lovers who are not willing to leave their records behind or throw them away.

Arrange the records with respect to the same color or the year of their release. Your wall will undoubtedly stand out from other walls in the home. 

Closing Thoughts 

The idea of decorating the walls is not new. Whether you have moved to a new home or are bored with your old walls, Sam has suggested to you some creative ways to transform the outlook of your walls. 

For some, you can DIY, and for others, you need some help to print the wall art. The goal is to make your wall pretty again. With the creative ways mentioned above, you can fuse your creativity and make the most of those plain old boring walls.

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