8 Inspiring Ideas To Dress Your Boring Walls

Walls are like a blank canvas that you can dress the way you want. Not surprisingly, interior designers see them as the most influential element of home decor. You have endless possibilities when it comes to dressing them up. The best thing is you can make them look the way you want without much effort and expense. But there’s always a risk that you may end up making them boring by doing too little. A little creativity takes you a long way as it helps in maximizing the interest with a few elements. Here are some inspiring ideas to dress your boring walls and give them a personality of their own.

Choose a trending hue

The first step to dress up your walls is by painting them with trending hues. You can consider a paint job once every few years or even earlier if the space looks dull and forlorn. It is a good idea to paint just a single accent wall for a fresh look if you run tight on budget. Research the trending hues for the season and pick one that matches your taste and vision. You can opt for textures to add the extra element of interest. If the idea of painting sounds too messy, wallpapers make a better alternative to dress up the area. You can think beyond the colors in wallpapers and find alluring prints and patterns to create a visual appeal for your living space.

Create a photo gallery

Nothing is more inspiring than seeing your happy memories on the walls of your home. Creating a photo gallery is a good idea. Pick the most prominent wall in the room to get started with the project. Set the stage with a shade or texture you like. Choose the memories you wish to showcase in the gallery. You may opt for trendy frames in different shades and sizes to make the decor even more interesting. Another idea is to create theme galleries in all parts of the house. For example, a wedding gallery is ideal for the bedroom, while you can showcase kids’ growing years in the nursery. The living room is a great place to flaunt your achievements or travel memories.

Opt for tasteful wall art

When it comes to dressing your walls, it is a good opportunity to showcase your artistic interests. The options are endless, and you will be spoilt for choice once you start exploring. Everything boils down to your expectations and taste in home decor. You can opt for oversized paintings to command attention. A black and white piece can tone down the vibes of a vibrant room. Likewise, coastal style prints are ideal for bringing a soothing ambiance to your living space. You can look for floral paintings to bring in fresh vibes. It is equally important to choose wall art according to the size and functionality of the room. 

Dress with mirrors

Mirrors make another interesting decor element for blank walls. The best part about using them is that they can double the size of the room by giving it an open appearance. You have a classy element without spending a fortune. Additionally, you get the benefit of versatility with mirrors as you can play with shapes and sizes. Try hanging a single large mirror or picking smaller ones in different shapes to deck up a boring area. You can get decorative ones to add a tribal touch to the decor.

Mount a television

Wall-mounted televisions are trending, and they make an excellent decor investment too. A flat-screen TV on the wall frees up a lot of space on the table or media cabinet, and you can use it for something else. It also enhances the wall and refreshes the entire look of the room. Modern televisions come with smart features that let you deck up the space with artistic displays of your choice. Set the images, and you will have the best ones scrolling on your favorite wall.

Install shelving

Installing shelves on a blank wall is another good way to transform the plain walls of your living space. Shelves enhance the aesthetics as you can deck them with knick-knacks like decor pieces, books, and CDs. You can even use them to create a small indoor vertical garden with tiny herbs. Beyond the aesthetic value, they offer functional value too. You have extra space inside a small home where the area always seems to be a constraint. The good thing is that you have the option of floating shelves, which are great for DIY. Transforming the walls of your home couldn’t get easier than this!

Hang a rug

If you think rugs are only for the floors, try hanging one on the wall. You can create an appealing look with one featuring an abstract design. A colorful one can make the room look vibrant effortlessly. Match it with your throws and cushions, and you have a flaunt-worthy decor. Try hanging a smaller one above the fireplace to get a warm ambiance during winters. You can even opt for full coverage with a bigger one. The possibilities with rug decor are endless if you are creative enough. 

Light it up

Sconces aren’t the only lighting element you can install on the walls. Decking it up with hanging lights can bring a festive charm to your living space, even when Christmas isn’t around. Tiny lights offer a unique blend of form and function for the room. You can use them as a decor element and turn off the lights to create a magical feeling when you want to enjoy a romantic night with your partner. The idea costs little, but it brings a luxe feel to your living space. 

Dressing up boring walls is easier than you imagine, and it does not cost a fortune as well. You only have to be creative to implement one or more of these ideas. The best part is that you can do it without professional help. Just pick your elements well, and you can have the best-looking walls ever!

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