Thunderbirds are go

Kuato Studios and ITV Studios have announced the arrival of Thunderbirds Are Go: International Rescue. It is a game based on the popular television series. The game is available to download for free on the… View Post

Blogger board game club – Dixit

This month as part of the blogger board game club; we have Dixit. I was really happy to get this game, having played it briefly at last years Blog on Conference. The rules are simple… View Post

The Happy Puzzle Company: Hit the Hat!

The happy puzzle company is a happy cheerful place for children and adults alike. Full of fun puzzles and games for all ages. I will; in the coming weeks, be featuring a few of their products. … View Post

Retro Top Trumps for Halloween

Is it a bad thing, that until just a few months ago, I had absolutely no idea how Top Trumps was played? Then one day my son got a set of football themed Top Trump… View Post

Playing "Escape the Room" games at home

Over the past two years I have attended a few “Escape the room” venues. Now if your unfamiliar with these attractions, you may be more familiar with online escape games and apps. The ones where… View Post

Drumond Park: Pickin Chickens (review & competition)Β 

Pickin Chickens is a family game by Drumond Park and seems to be geared towards the younger players. It is really easy with a recommended age guide of 4 years and over.  Rather than a… View Post

Sshh Don’t Wake Dad! (Review & competition)

“Dad is sleeping in his bed, hungry children dare to tread. the fridge is full of yummy cake buy they need be careful not to wake! Along the way are many traps, teddies squeaking, food… View Post

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