The Happy Puzzle Company: Hit the Hat!

The happy puzzle company is a happy cheerful place for children and adults alike. Full of fun puzzles and games for all ages. I will; in the coming weeks, be featuring a few of their products. 
The first one is a really entertaining game which most ages will be able to join in with. It’s called Hit the Hat”

It’s (up to) a four player game which of course suits are little household perfectly. No board or batteries needed. Basic set up involves affixing stickers on the dice and small suction cups in the grabbers. In the box – 36 hat shaped pieces, 3 different dice, 4 coloured grabbers and 20 tokens.
Once everything is ready to go, all 36 hats go on the floor of table (wherever you choose to play)


Each of us takes turns to roll the three special dice. One dice determines the hat style, the next the hat pattern and the third the hat colour border which is either pink or green. 

This unique combination matches up to just one of the 36 hats and it’s then down to the players to spot and grab the correct hat before the others. A correct matching hat gets the player a token, but an incorrect hat makes them lose a token. The matching hat for the above combination is this one.

Yes it sounds easy when described, but with 36 similar size hats and confusing patterns, it does cause some confusion, especially so with older brains and eyes! I’m sort of embarrassed to admit but my five year old daughter actually beat me twice in a row, and no I did not deliberately let her win. It would seem children are more able to spot correct patterns than us old folk. 
 The grabbers have little suckers on them to grab the hats, If you was a child of the 1980s , then you may just recall an old fishing game where we had to catch the correct fish? Well this game is very similar only we have to grab hats. Sometimes the suckers don’t always stick to the hats, it’s all about getting the correct spot I think. 

Well Izebella only had the rules explained just once, then she knew how to play and beat me. She is really good at spotting the correct hat, looking for patterns, colours, shapes etc, yes it has its learning benefits too (unlike the retro fishing game!). We all enjoy playing it, it’s not a game that takes forever to finish.

The winner is the one with six tokens first but these rules can be adjusted to suit, such as the one with the most tokens after using up all 20 etc. 
The rule sheet also gives an easier version designed for younger children but we don’t really need this easier game, not with my mini genius anyway.

   Hit the Hat costs Β£14.99. 2-4 players and for ages 4 and over (there is no harm in younger children joining in!)

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