Retro Top Trumps for Halloween

Is it a bad thing, that until just a few months ago, I had absolutely no idea how Top Trumps was played?

Then one day my son got a set of football themed Top Trump cards and taught me the rules. Well I didn’t really need much teaching, it’s so easy that anyone can play.

Top Trumps playing cards have taken on so many themes, from football to well known characters and now something completely new.

As it’s October, meaning Halloween, those themes are of course horror and also a fantasy pack. These are part of retro/nostalgic Top Trumps collection at Winning Moves UK.

These cards all come inside their own tough plastic casing which stores the cards so much better than the cardboard boxes.

The cards are fabulous for Halloween parties and get togethers. There are two horror theme packs. The packs contain 30 cards all with an image of an horrific scary character of some form.

Underneath the images are four attributes. These attributes are the same for both horror packs so they can be mixed or all played together if there are lots of players.

The cards get dealt between all the players. This game seems to work better and faster with more players. The starting player names the character on the card and then chooses one of the four attributes. So for instance in the 3 cards above I played the Slime creature and chose horror rating which has a score of 86. Ryan played the beast, instantly beating me with 98 and Jordanna the jailer with 68. So Ryan wins the round. Keeps the three cards and then his turn to play the card. He carries on playing the first card over and over until one of us trumps him again and the play passes to us etc. The winner is the one who ends up with all the cards in the end.

Two players can play but the game takes a whole lot longer. There is no maximum player limit.

I do love the horror packs but found the fantasy pack very appealing. The fantasy pack is a different game to the horror pack as the attributes are different. The characters based on fantasy with a few alternate scary characters include such as fairy, wizard, mermaid etc.Β 

All Top Trump packs seem to have a “boss” type card. It isn’t called the boss card but by this I mean a card with very high attributes that usually trumps the majority of other cards. For the fantasy game it’s the king card.

He has maximum strength and skill, and almost maximum on the other two attributes too. He may seem unbeatable and so the player lucky enough to be dealt this card may be presumed a definite winner, but this is not always the case. The

See if a player draws the dragon on their play, and chooses fear factor then they steal the king card. If they choose strength it’s then a draw and all cards get placed in a pile in the middle of the players and a new round is started. The player of the new round then takes this pile and the winning cards of the new round.

I never knew card games could be this much fun.

The retro top trumps collection consists of six themed packs. The fantasy and horror being three packs from this. They cost just Β£4.99 each pack and can provide hours of entertainment and family play. They are great for taking away too.

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