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This month as part of the blogger board game club; we have Dixit. I was really happy to get this game, having played it briefly at last years Blog on Conference. The rules are simple and the playing cards are just beautiful.

There are over 80 cards. They are really colourful with some very deep and almost spiritual images on them. In a way they remind me of tarot card images.

There is also a game board, played with rabbit counters and a few other bits and pieces.

The way to play sounds complicated, but it isn’t. Each card is different, no card is exactly the same. All players get dealt six cards.

Let’s say this is the hand I get dealt and it’s my turn to play!

I now need to pick any of these cards and form a sentence based on the image. So I pick image 6 (bottom right) and my sentence is “don’t be afraid of the dark”. I say my sentence to other players but do not show them the card.

Now all the other players then look at their 6 cards and pick one that also closely matches my sentence. Like this example!

If this was my hand I would pick the bottom left image to match the “dont be afraid” sentence. Other players do the same. All the chosen cards are given to the story teller (person playing) and shuffled. They then get laid out and each player has to guess which card was the storytellers. Yes it’s that easy.

Guessing and voting is done with game tokens which are numbered. Correct guesses get points, incorrect card guesses also give their owners points too. If no one finds the storytellers card then the storyteller gets zero, So it’s important to say a sentence that relates to the card, but at the same time, nothing that is too easy to guess. Points help players move the bunnies around the board and 30 points wins the game

And if you get fed up of seeing the same cards then worry not as Dixit has additional expansion sets for added fun.

Buy from Β£20

Age 8+

3-6 players but the more, the better!

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