Jolly Goods

As all my readers know I do love my chocolate. I’m surprised I’m not 20 stone the amount of it I eat sometimes. I love trying all new brands and types but sometimes nothing quite… View Post

Raw Nibbles

About Raw Nibbles At Raw Nibbles a quest began to create simple yet scrummy handmade goodies in 2012. Inspired by a desire to create chocolate that was free from beet or cane sugar and artificial… View Post

Chocolat Chocolat

I love my chocolate as many of you who read my blog regularly will already know. I don’t mind if it’s dark, milk or white as I like them all. I also like different added… View Post

Chocolate and Love

Most of my readers will know by now that I love my chocolate. One thing I’m not too fond of are the supermarket shelf or more well known varieties that you can find just about… View Post

Chocolate for grown ups at The Grown Up Chocolate Company

I love trying out new things, be it clothes, gifts, toys or food. The majority of things I write about are child based or something my kids end up having or using. Therefore it's always… View Post

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