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Most of my readers will know by now that I love my chocolate. One thing I’m not too fond of are the supermarket shelf or more well known varieties that you can find just about anywhere; yes you probably know the brands I’m talking about.
There are literally hundreds of different brands of chocolate out there both new and old brands. Many of then unknown or unheard of and these chocolate brands are the ones that seem to taste the best.


These are some bars from Chocolate and Love. Straight away they stand out from the rest with the striking wrappers, which certainly have a Far East look to them.
Chocolate & Love bars are both organic and contain fairly traded ingredients. In fact 97% of the ingredients in their bars are from Fairtrade Cooperatives. These cooperatives include many small family farms from countries such as Peru and even the Dominican Republic. – a place we were lucky enough to visit a few years back.

The company also works with a reforestation organisation called Wetforest. Wetforest plant trees in countries in need of reforestation such as Ethiopia.

Chocolate and Love bars come in 8 varieties. Orange, Coffee, Filthy rich, Sea salt, Dark milk, Mint, Panama, Single Origin. I have been trying out 2 of these flavours. The Sea salt and Dark milk.

The bars seem really well wrapped in an inner plastic wrapper to seal freshness with an outer wrap/cover which contains lots of interactive company information on the inner side.


This chocolate is amazingly good. I love Sea salt anyway but was incredibly surprised at just how great this bar tastes. Lovely thick chocolate oozing with ever so slightly bitter salty crunchy bits. The two words Chocolate and love go so well together and these bars and just full of chocolate loveliness. My Dark milk chocolate bar was just as good. Delicious dark smooth chocolate which is infused with Milk & Cacao nibs so each bite had a crunch to it.


These bars really do taste great and everyone who I gave a piece to said exactly the same. The best way to really enjoy the flavours of these bars is to simply let it melt in the mouth rather than chew. That way more flavour is slowly released. I also found them great dipped in a hot drink too.

The bars have won several Great Taste Awards and by tasting them myself it’s easy to see why.

I don’t think these will be found on supermarket shelves tho I could be wrong. I have seen them in the food halls of both Harvey Nichols and Selfridges which says a lot about the quality of them. The bars cost around Β£4 each and well worth it for a luxury indulgent treat which also helps a worthy cause.

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