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At Raw Nibbles a quest began to create simple yet scrummy handmade goodies in 2012. Inspired by a desire to create chocolate that was free from beet or cane sugar and artificial sweeteners, the guys at raw nibbles tried their hand at chocolatiering using a small, chocolate making kit. They have since found that raw, healthy treats can be just as sweet and tastylicious if prepared in the right way. Now in 2014 they have an extensive range of tasty treats and would love for the goodies they have worked so hard to perfect, could be enjoyed by everyone nationwide.

I was recently contacted by Raw Nibbles and asked if I would like to sample some of their raw chocolate treats. Which of course being a lover of all things chocolate my answer was yes.
So I chose two items from a selection of products. One a bar and the other a brownie.

As you can see from the packaging on my bar, these products are suitable for almost anyone as they are free from dairy, wheat, gluten, beet sugar, cane sugar, soya and eggs and are also fine for vegans and vegetarians. I am
lucky not to have any food allergies and I’m not a vegan or vegetarian either but I guess it’s always nice to try out something new and different. There are several different raw chocolate bars to choose from and I chose the Cacao Crispy one (did I mention all the products are also organic?)
It’s a dark chocolate infused with crunchy sprouted buckwheat which I have no clue what buckwheat is but I’m guessing it’s healthy. The bar was good, a nice treat, the chocolate does have a strong taste to it.

And here is my brownie too.
This is a big chunky slice of brownie and it even has a fair bit of weight to it. The brownie is made with A nut and date base and stuffed with raw chocolate chunks. It went down a real treat with a hot cup of tea.

So if you have food allergies or live a vegan, vegetarian or healthy lifestyle and crave those sweet chocolate treats then maybe head over to the Raw Nibbles where delicious handmade raw chocolate organic treats can be found and bought directly from them. They don’t cost the earth either and taste quite good too.

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