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It’s just the start of July, and you are already counting the weeks until the start of the next school year. Summer vacations tend to go far too quickly, even though they haven’t quite started yet. 

The best thing about the summer break is the chance to relax in a cosy, fresh, and comfortable beach cottage with a view of the sea. Thankfully, the UK has got plenty of beach locations for a sneaky and inexpensive vacation with the kids. Here’s a tip for you: However appealing the south coast is, it is always going to be far too expensive during July and August. Yet, Wales, Northumberland and the Scottish coasts can provide a fantastic change of horizon without breaking the bank with a lovely seafront house. Unfortunately, waving goodbye to your dream beach cottage can be heartbreaking at the end of your holiday. But what if you didn’t have to leave the dream behind? What if you could somehow take the beach cottage with you?  

No, we don’t mean moving in and living by the coast. We mean creating your own beach-inspired home that makes you feel like every day is a holiday. Are you up for the challenge? 

What makes a beach home “beach-like”?

That is when you can’t have the seafront view. If you are familiar with Hamptons homes, they are a popular seafront cottage design across the US. While the design is often seen in North America, it is also easy to recreate and universally recognised as a beach home. The Hamptons design revolved around a mixture of colours and materials to evoke the maritime breeze and sand. Houses are covered in weatherboard cladding, typically in white colour. The white and pale blue palette carries on throughout the house. Unlike a Breton style that uses darker blues, the Hamptons decor focuses on pale, sun and sand-faded shades. 

A bright and spacious interior

Less is more when it comes to the beach home. Therefore, decluttering must be a priority to create an airy style. One of the best tips to introduce brightness and airiness into your home is to focus on removing partitions. For instance, renovating your bathroom can help create an open space through the use of sliding doors and sleek glass panels instead of shower curtains. It can help maximise your existing space and create a free passage for natural lighting. Beach homes are bright inside due to their locations, so you want that brightness in your house. 

Natural decor and style

As mentioned, a natural look and feel for your beach-inspired home can help bring the maritime feeling into your property. The Hamptons design focuses on light, sun-faded elements. So, you can complement this impression with natural material that acts as a beach scenery reminder. Some of the best choices can include:

  • Natural wood material for chairs or tables – opt for a light-coloured wood
  • Decorative seashells 
  • Smooth, polished beach findings turned into furniture, such as a sea-polished branch used as a coat hanger
  • Etc. 

Granted, it doesn’t actually replace a proper vacation. But your beach-inspired home can feel soothing and calming when you need to unwind after a long day!

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