Renovating Your Bathroom for More Space

The bathroom is where most homeowners start and finish each day. However, this frequently used space is often overlooked when considering home improvements. Bathroom modification is one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to update your home. The average bathroom renovation cost is affordable, and there are endless renovation options for every budget and personal style. A lot of things go into bathroom renovation projects. So, you need a professional plumber in Moorestown who does it daily or a homeowner who has been through the process numerous times. Here are factors to consider when renovating your bathroom for more space.

  1. Compact Shower Stalls. Are you one of the homeowners who are a fan of bubble baths and can go the extra mile for a traditional bathtub or a shower combo? A compact shower stall is the perfect small bathroom design solution to acquire. It takes less space and, with the right design, can make your bathroom look more open. Hence, giving your bathroom an even more relaxed feel.
  2. Unconventional Sink Styles. Do not always stick to the square vanity sinks. Several sink designs may offer more in the way of saving space. However, it depends on your capacity and what you like. Experts advise people to try a curved or a flat sink that can be big or bulky or an under-mount sink for a little more counter space. 
  3.  Update Lighting. You can also try configuring electrical fixtures and installing new lighting, especially if the dimensions are bigger or smaller than the current ones. You will adjust the wiring and potentially spackle around the existing holes in the wall. Sometimes this step involves moving the power outlets if your new vanity fills the space differently from what you had before. Furthermore, it would be good if you did not go down next to the toilet to plug in your hair dryer daily.
  4. Update Shower Walls. Getting rid of a fiberglass shower is one of the best ways to upgrade a bathroom. Tile remains a widespread bathroom make-over ideal when replacing pre-existing fiberglass. Look for tile inspiration like matte finishes, steel gray colors, and funky geometric shapes to make your bathroom pop. Another thing to get rid of is the old curtains. You can swap them for sleek glass doors.
  5. A Sliding Door. Apart from giving your bathroom a unique look, a sliding door uses less floor space than a regular one. While a traditional swings door requires a clear arc of floor space to open and close, a sliding door can glide into a wall pocket, opening up the slack.

Always contact a professional if you are thinking about renovating your bathroom. A professional knows about the dos and don’ts of bathroom renovations. They will also listen to you, offer advice, and work within your budget to bring your dream bathroom to life. The above tips are some of the things you can discuss with your renovation specialist to add more space to your bathroom.

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