These Things Will Help Busy Mums Improve Their Workouts

Working out can be seriously enjoyable, don’t get me wrong. However, unless you have hours everyday to dedicate to exercise, it’s definitely worth doing things that will maximise your results. In fact, as a busy mum, it can feel like a special treat to even have 30 mins to yourself to move your body. With that in mind check out the tactics to help you make the best of your workouts, and stay fit and healthy, below.

Make a playlist of your favourite tracks

Simple as it may be, plugging in your headphones and listening to your favourite tracks is a great way to boost fitness results for several reasons. The first of these is that listening along to some high bpm songs can really help you ramp up your workout, and stay motivated.

Secondly, when we block out all other distractions by listening to music, we can focus solely on the movements we are making, something that will ensure they are as effective as possible, and follow the right form.

Use a supplement

Another great way of making your workout more effective is to use a supplement. There are all sorts of supplements on the market from thermogenic fat burners that can help those looking to lose weight, to protein powders designed to help users build muscles faster and more effectively.

The great thing is that there are now supplement companies that are making products that taste great as well as do a good job. Indeed, try, if you are looking for some yummy flavours that will help you get the most out of your work. They even have cookies and cream protein powder! Yum!

Add weightlifting to your routine

For a long time now there has been a big focus on cardio-based activities, like aerobics, Zumba, and clubbercise, especially for women. The reason for this is that such activities are great for working up a sweat and burning the maximum amount of calories in a relatively short space of time.

However, what we girls tend to forget is that for overall fitness results, adding lifting weights into our routine is vital. This is because as described in this post by lifting weights we can change our muscle-fat ratio in the body. This is good news because the more muscle we have the more calories we will burn, even at rest and after exercise, thereby making maintaining a healthy weight so much easier.

Get a better night’s sleep

Sleep is so important when it comes to working out. Indeed, you just won’t be able to exercise at your best, if you’re not getting a good night’s sleep. Of course, there is more to it than that, as it’s during sleep that your muscles do all the work to repair the fibres that they have split during your workout. What that means is that if you’re not getting enough sleep, your body won’t be building muscles as you like and you will be missing out on your gains.

To that end, investing in some good bedding, and heading to bed an hour earlier, both before and after a workout is a very smart idea indeed. If you want to get the very best results, that is!

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