How a busy mom can stay fit while caring for her young children

Probably the most life-changing phenomenon you as a woman can experience is when you have your first kid. You start to revolve all your actions around the betterment and health of your kid. With almost all the concentration towards the little one, it would not leave you with much time to think about your own health. As important as it is, many mothers make the mistake of forgetting to keep their health in check. Taking out time for regular exercising and working out is one thing that many mothers can not do.

Well, we do have some tips that you as a mother with young children can apply to your life to make sure you take out time for some form of exercise. Taking care of your health is as important as caring for the child.

Exercise when kids are playing

Your daughter is busy playing with her toys and she’s engrossed in it and won’t get bored for at least another half an hour. Use this time to work out as much as you can. Make sure to not exert yourself and do exercises only after some stretching or warm-up. Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure not to go too far away from your child. Probably make sure she is playing nearby. You should be able to hear her if she starts crying or calls out to you.

Get your kids to engage in activities in the same room

If you can manage to get your child to stick around in the same room without troubling you too much then it will be an ideal situation to give your weights a go. A good trick is to give your child an iPad or something similar with some games on it but make it a rule to stay in the room and play while you exercise. This works wonders as children usually are willing to go to great lengths to play the next level of candy crush or get engrossed in playing subway surfer.

Get equipment in your bedroom

This might sound weird and totally goes against aesthetics but it would help a lot to get some of your gym equipment inside your room. Many people buy treadmills and cycles and keep them in their rooms. Some buy a proper machine for various exercises while others simply buy some weights. The idea is to make the equipment available at all times. You can literally try to work out in shifts as soon as you get the time. You would be able to find many such time frames in your day if you know how to look out for them.

Go to the gym at night

One very common tactic that a lot of mothers love to apply is to go to the gym at night. You can make sure that the kids are comfortably tucked in the bed and your husband is home to take care of any problems. Once the kid falls asleep it’s your free pass to hit the gym. You would be gone for usually one or two hours at the max. Joining an overnight gym is probably one of the best answers to the question of β€˜how to find time to workout as a working mom’ especially if the kids are young. Many believe that one should not go to the gym at night but that theory has not been proved to be true and now many moms are happily joining the gym at late hours.

Workout during your work

Probably another very good solution which many of you mothers would have already thought of is to work out when you are working. Many offices already have gym areas made inside them. Office complexes also mostly have a common gym. You might have to pay a little extra sometimes to use these facilities but in many cases it’s free. At work, you don’t have to worry about your kids as you usually get a nanny or some relative to take care of the child while you are out to work. You could even stay a little late at your office to find time to workout

Wake up early

Waking up early is a good habit in all situations. Getting up during the crack of dawn and going out to breathe fresh air will give you the best start to the day. People who wake up early have been shown to be a lot more productive than people who wake up late. Another advantage that you will be able to take out of waking up early, especially if you have young kids, is that you will be able to take out time to work out. If you are waking up at 4;30 or even 5 then it will easily give you a couple of hours to go hit some machines and weights. You can also do yoga as the best time to do it is actually early in the morning. Once you are done working out you can then wake up your children and get them ready for school.

Become a part-time trainer

What’s better than getting paid for the time that you take out for exercising during your busy schedule as a mom? Well, it would be amazing obviously. You could start by taking some classes on becoming a trainer at the gym. Once you are done with those classes you can apply to a number of gymnasiums in your vicinity and wait for a revert. When you get the chance to start, make sure you do it part-time. A full-time training job will not be beneficial for you as you would have to spend a lot of time away from the kids. You could also take up the option of doing online training via video conferencing. This would enable you to do this from home and you will be dedicated to it as you would be getting paid for it too.

Mothers with young children face many challenges which often take a toll on their health. Keeping your body in good shape health-wise is important and thus regular exercise is vital. You can go through the aforementioned points to look at various ways to take out time for working out from your busy and tiring schedule.

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