Everything You Need to Know About Hiring Piano Movers Melbourne

Moving isn’t always as simple as putting your things in boxes and changing their location from one place to another. Items that are fragile, heavy, and bulky such as pianos, are among the cargo that costs you stress when being moved. Piano movers know that moving this beautiful musical instrument necessitates a high level of expertise. Having a plethora of intricate and delicate parts, moving a piano needs a lot of patience, care, and experience to make sure it gets to its new location safely. It’s possible that even minor bumps or hard impacts will cause damage to its internal mechanics. With that, hiring professional piano movers is the best option for you. Most piano movers Melbourne offer the quickest and safest interstate and local moving service. They are trained and experienced, and they take great pride in moving your piano safely and carefully.

Electric piano is easiest to pack for a move

Hiring Expert Piano Movers to Deliver your Piano

There are many parts to an antique grand piano or upright piano that can be costly or even unattainable to replace; hence, piano removal and moving it to a new house or even just a different room requires special care. Suppose you don’t want to injure yourself or harm your precious instrument. In that case, it is necessary to hire piano removalists who can handle the extra weight of up to 1000 pounds.

Finding the right piano movers in Melbourne requires checking credentials, comparing prices, and deciding on the best guarantee. Still, with a bit of technical expertise, you’ll be able to find the right professional for you in no time at all.

What to Look for When Hiring a Professional Piano Mover

Aside from saving you time and money, movers can help you avoid personal injury and property damage and make the move go more smoothly during the relocation. However, not every mover is knowledgeable in safe piano removal from home, so it is a must to hire movers who specialize in moving pianos.

The best choice is to find local piano removalists Melbourne who are experienced in moving this delicate instrument. Relocation is not a problem for them because they have everything they need, including tools for dismantling and reassembling the piano. You can find professionals by using online databases, a Google search, or asking around among your fellow pianists.

Boxes may not fit your piano for a move

Prior to Hiring a Professional Piano Mover

Generally, it’s essential to do a few things before hiring movers. Even so, it’s even more critical when you’re transporting a priceless piano. In any case, the same due diligence applies whether you’re relocating it across the city, across the country, or even just to a separate room. 

Start Organizing Your Grand Piano Moving Endeavor to Get Accurate Cost Estimates

Before requesting a quote from any piano movers, calculate the distance you’ll have to travel with your prized possession. Because long-distance travel is more expensive, knowing the costs upfront will allow you to get a more accurate estimate of the total expense.

After that, take measurements of the piano’s length and width and make a note of its weight if you can. If you still have the piano’s original owner’s manual, you can look up specs in there. Alternatively, the following are some typical weights to help you get a better idea:

  • 500–1,000 pounds for an upright piano up to 60 inches in height.
  • A medium-sized grand piano (between 5’6” and 5’9”) weighs about 600 pounds.
  • Grand piano (height: 5’10”–6’): 700 lbs.

Verify the Credentials and References of the Professional Piano Mover You Hire

It’s always a good idea to check references before hiring any moving service, including specialized piano removals service. You can look for reviews online or ask your professional for previous clients’ names and contact information.

Ask Your Piano Mover These Questions

  • Do you offer any guarantee on your piano-moving services?
  • What kind of insurance coverage do your employees have?
  • Do you have any testimonials to back up your claims?
  • If necessary, are you able to safely disassemble the piano and reassemble it?
  • Do you have the proper moving boards and dollies to move a grand piano safely?
  • How much does it cost for upright piano removals?

Employing Your Professional Piano Removalists

Once decided on your piano mover, it’s time to finalize the written contract with all terms and conditions, as well as a financing strategy, if applicable. If something goes wrong, you’ll need documentation of the piano’s current condition, such as pictures.

Have Your Piano Mover Sign a Contract and Arrange Payments

The hired piano removalists should provide an itemized quote that includes all of the fees you’ll be responsible for paying. To avoid unpleasant surprises when it comes to payment, use this breakdown.

Must Maintain Records of Piano Moving Endeavors

Prior to moving day, conduct a thorough examination of your piano, noting any visible damage or functional problems. Take a lot of pictures and videotape yourself pressing each key. It’ll give you dated proof if something goes wrong during the piano moving process. Afterwards, make certain you are in charge of the project. Make sure the movers use the promised equipment and care without going overboard.

Recognize Your Rights and Stay Away from Moving Scams

In spite of the fact that there are many trustworthy professional piano movers out there, the moving industry, unfortunately, contains some rotten apples. To avoid being scammed by so-called movers who charge double or triple the cost they promised, keep an eye out for the rogue mover scam.

A good rule of thumb is to ask for references and avoid paying in total upfront. Be wary if your movers arrive in a truck or outfit that doesn’t bear the company’s logo. Also, always follow your instincts and have everything in writing.

Once the Movers are Done with the Moving Project

Because your piano is such a priceless asset, hiring piano removalists in Melbourne is well worth the money. Upon arrival at your new residence, look closely at your piano to ensure nothing was damaged during the move. Moreover, be kind enough to give them a good review if they deliver it with care. If you’re moving internationally check out Wisemove too.


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