4 Effective Ways To Encourage UGC For Your Brand

If you’ve been anywhere on social media in recent years, you will have seen the boom in unboxing videos and the rise of User-Generated Content (UGC). UGC refers to any form of content, such as images, videos, reviews, or testimonials, that is created by users or customers about a brand or its products. Both unboxing videos and UGC can go hand in hand to form powerful campaigns for brands to use, with, of course, the permission of the creator. The beauty of UGC is that it is authentic engaging, and can significantly enhance your brand’s presence on social media.

However, expecting this to happen isn’t guaranteed, and not all buyers are willing to unbox and share their purchases online, regardless of what you do. But for those who like to share with their friends, family, or followers, there are some things you can do as a business to entice them to create those wonderful unboxing videos and supply them with UGC you can share across social media, too. For instance, look at the success of Apple’s unboxing videos or Coca-Cola’s UGC campaigns. These are great examples of how businesses can leverage user-generated content to promote their brand and products.

Go The Extra Mile

People want something that looks good to share with others. And if unboxing is our aim, then you need to make the packaging as attractive as the purchase, too. This means going the extra mile with the small details that can set your company apart. Adding your logo or branding to custom boxes, adding ribbon to packages with your brand name on them, making the packaging an experience rather than the opening of a plain cardboard box, and adding in things like tissue paper, thank you cards, confetti, etc. The more of an experience it is, the more likely people will love it and share it. For example, you could include a personalized note or a small gift in the package to make the unboxing experience more memorable.

Create A Hashtag

Creating a company hashtag is not just a marketing tool; it’s a way to build a community. You or your customers can add this hashtag to social media content, creating a sense of belonging. They can use it in captions, pictures, video content, etc., but by using it, you can track every instance your brand hashtag is used and then converse directly with those using it.

Add Incentives

To really capture people’s imaginations, why not add something else to them by incentivizing them? You can offer up a discount code for those who share pictures by following the required terms, e.g., using a specific hashtag or tagging your account. You can run a competition for the most ingenious way to use your products, or you can enter them into a prize draw if they leave you a public review, for example. All are great ways to engage people on social media and get you the desired outcome.

Be Engaging

The reality is that if you, as a brand on social media, aren’t engaging with your content or interacting with your customers online, they won’t be inclined to share our products or services with others; why would they? It’s not like they will know you appreciate it or get anything back. But by being as engaging as possible, replying to all instances where your company is tagged, replying to comments, sharing content, etc., you show that you value their engagement. The more invested you are in your audience and the better a relationship you build with people, the more willing they will be to share their engagements and purchases online. It’s a win-win situation that fosters a sense of mutual appreciation.

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