Skeadle – Earn while you play

I recently came across an app called Skeadle. Skeadle is a gaming app, however it differs greatly from other gaming apps.

It is available on both the Apple App Store and Google play and it is free of charge.

There is a very short and quick sign up page before you get started. I found this very simple and minimally intrusive compared to some other apps.

The home page looks like this.

You can see the games at the top of the page. This is a fairly new app and at present there are just 8 games to choose from. I’m hoping they will add more games soon. Out of these 8 games, I have my 2 favourites. 4096 is quite addictive, it involves numbered tiles which are swiped together to make bigger numbers. The goal being to get to 4096. I’ve so far managed 512, but it’s good fun. Then there is scramble which is like a solo version of a floating scrabble. The tiles float and you tap them to make words. The longer the word, the more points.

I’ve played the other games too. They are all okay but there’s the odd couple I can’t quite get my head around just yet. The games are very basic and perhaps even a little vintage looking but they are fun and keep me occupied when bored. They are of course also all free to play. There is no extra fee with this app.

Now I did say this gaming app differs from many others and that’s because, you make money whilst playing. In just two days I’ve made £3.56 and that’s just by playing some games when I’m bored or to pass time etc. I’m not totally sure how the money works or how much you get awarded for doing certain things or getting high scores, but it seems to build up the more I play. You need a minimum amount of £5 to withdraw your earnings. I believe that money can be withdrawn monthly to bank accounts. So this means you can easily earn a few quid to bigger bucks each month just by playing a few easy mini games. You could even pass your phone to others and let them play for you.

Another big difference is that there are no annoying ads. I find it so frustrating when playing a game or watching something and ads come on every few minutes. I think it can really spoil it. There aren’t any interrupting ads with these games. However everyone does need to make money somehow, so the ads are cleverly intertwined with the game face just like this.

This is actually a version of the old Nokia classic snake. You have to collect the various pizza toppings and be careful not to crash the snake into itself. It’s obviously advertising Dominos but in a different way.

There are also a few offers on Skeadle, again these are quite limited with it being new, but may be worth a look. I’m sure this will update and add many more soon.

You can find out more and install the app here – Skeadle and please add my referral code when prompted- MNK20. You get 50p each friend if you then share your code and get them to sign up too.

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