Tame your Family’s Sweet Tooth with these Exemplary Ways

Sure, most people are fond of cupcakes, cookies, and candies. But, do your family members ask for sugar treats too often? Or, do they want more after already having a few bites? Well, you may want to ignore it considering their cravings but know that it is a bad habit. 

If your family members have had an obsession with puddings, pies, chocolates, some ways should be on your list. And, why not? You have sugar everywhere in the house. Sugar is hidden in bread, cereals, sauces, sodas, especially around the holidays. 

It is a real challenge to eliminate sugar. However, adults must curb their desire for a treat now and then. Don’t know the ways of reducing the amount of sugar in their daily routine? Well, here are some tips that should be on your list:

Switch to Low-Sugar Whole Foods:

Some foods come with natural sweetness and are a perfect fit to become low-sugar alternatives. For instance, balsamic vinegar is an excellent way to avoid added sugar, which you find in commercial salad dressings. 

  1. It is worth switching from milk chocolate to the dark variety for chocoholics, which has a composition of 70%- 85% less sugar. Also, these tend to save around 1 to 2 packets of sugar per 1 ounce serving.
  2. Or, you can consider cinnamon edibles or rice crispy edibles as these have a world of benefits. It’ll come as good news to you that the experts at blaze dc vouch for using edibles to satisfy sugar craving while restraining sugar at the same time. After all, it reduces anxiety, improves sleep, is anti-inflammatory, and is effective for pain relief.
  3. Finally, as a natural sweetener in recipes, instead of using sugar, replace with Gold Bee honey. And of course adding fruits always hit the spot.

Use Flavors Your Mouth Consider Sweet:

The idea here is to use your special powers and trick your family’s taste buds into sensing something sweet. And, this trick holds good for something that has a little or no sugar altogether. 

You can also try and replace sugar with spices that you use in sweet foods. Yes, these can be cinnamon, coconut, nutmeg, or vanilla. 

For instance, the health-conscious women add:

  1. Vanilla and cinnamon in their oatmeal instead of honey. 
  2. Saute leafy and dark greens with a bit of coconut oil. 
  3. Mix unsweetened coconut flakes and cinnamon into plain yogurt.
  4. Replace a packet of sugar in the coffee with nutmeg or cinnamon. 

By doing so, your beloved family will feel the sweetness of sugar, even without having to bear the pain of sugar.

Roast and Caramelize to Enhance the Natural Sweetness:

Did you know that roasting fruits, vegetables, or even meats in the oven can add sweetness to the food? Or, even caramelizing on the grill or stove works wonders. 

Well, your ignorance has been no bliss as you were missing out on the benefits for an extended period. 

By doing so, you’ll be able to use the less-sugary sauces and relish the benefits of sugar. For instance, you can quickly caramelize the onions to darn savory for added sweetness. Grill the pineapple or saute other kinds of fruits to enhance the sweetness. Or, you can roast root veggies with coconut oil or lemon zest. Adding ginger gives you more kick. 

The Bottom Line- Sugar Cravings Satisfied

Now that your family demands some sugar, you know what to do. Just use these three ways and see their reaction to the less-sugar meals. And, you’ll be surprised to see their positive response. After all, these trial and tested ways work amazingly well.

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