Stay on top of your health and fitness with these useful apps

Life can get in the way of many things, and health and fitness is one of them. Sometimes the school run can postpone a morning exercise routine, or a request to help your little one with some homework can derail any plans for the gym. We have all been there. 

As is the modern world these days, parents worldwide are turning to an array of health and fitness apps to help keep them on track of any health and fitness goals. Some apps might provide food habit advice and make sure you eat right, while others could give a useful insight into the best workout routines for your body. The options are extensive in today’s app-obsessed climate. 

Our smartphone devices are more powerful than ever before,too, enabling developers to bring us better apps, cameras, and games than ever before, much like Pharaoh’s Daughter slotgame at and the other creations we can access in the app store such as Pokemon Go and its augmented reality feature. The same applies to the health and fitness space also, as people on every corner of the globe turn to their miniature handheld devices to help them stay on track with their all-around health. There are even branded apps such as a fitness club management system that you can use conveniently to reserve a fitness schedule on your preferred gym..

If you’re keen to smash your health and fitness goals but need a bit of extra support, then maybe some of these useful health and fitness apps might help. 

Daily Yoga

The benefits of yoga have been well documented, but it can become boring if you’re carrying out the same routine every time. In order to gain access to over 50 classes, download Daily Yoga. All classes are shot in HD, you can find classes specialising in increasing flexibility to strengthening your core, and the library boasts of a generous selection of more than 500 poses which can enable you to get the most out of yoga. 


If you’re keen to conquer your targets, then having an attentive instructor can give you the edge. By using Aaptiv, you can access a large selection of workouts, all led by knowledgeable instructors. Users can enjoy sessions on cycling, yoga, outdoor running and a plenty of others. From the people behind IRL boutique fitness classes, Aaptiv is a great option. 

Nike Run Club

Running is a great way of staying fit and keeping the weight off. In order to get the most out of your runs, download the Nike Run Club app. The app helps users track various aspects of their running, including pace, distance and time. You can also access specialist training plans, guided sessions, and even audio-guided runs from famous faces like Mo Farah. Ideal if you’re keen to meet any fitness targets, Nike Run Club is an exceptional free app. 


An app endorsed and approved by the NHS, EXi helps provide tailored exercise programmes for people of varying abilities. For example, you might have a bad knee which means carrying out certain exercise routines just isn’t possible. EXi understands this, creating 12-week fitness programmesthat are tailored specifically to you. The app also takes your heart rate and other health factors into account. 


Strength training is beneficial, but it can become monotonous. To avoid boredom and to essentially produce the best strength training results possible, download Pear. The app gives users the option of picking from a roster of personal trainers who will offer tips and advice on improving a routine and making sure you get the best results you can. If you’d prefer to do it by yourself, then you can watch a variety routines using the app, too.

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