Testing the Alcatel U5 hd

We were recently sent a brand new android phone to test out. The phone is an Alcatel U5 model. I do love my iPhone and would not dream of swapping it, so this phone was… View Post

Slither.io toysΒ 

Slither.io remains huge gaming phenomenon and YouTuber hit, 60% wotg British children 0-14 year olds. The game can be download and 124 million games are played a month in the UK.  New to the UK,… View Post


   Stikbots come in lots of colours and when we first saw them we were not too sure what to make of them. They look like small plastic robotic type figures with faces and a… View Post


  Tiggly is a new start up company who design physical smart toys which interact with learning apps on a selection of iPads and tablets.  Tiggly shapes, math and Tiggly words all launched here just… View Post

Wooly and Tig App

Wooly and Tig are action dramas about a little girl named Tig and her cuddly toy spider Wooly. The stories explore feelings that children may experience in new or unknown situations such as nursery, hospital… View Post