Country Home Interior Design Ideas

Designing your home is an incredibly important and personal experience to create your own little sanctuary in your home. Country design is taking over in popularity is a great way to show off your personal style and create a cozy space to relax. There are many ways to achieve a cohesive country interior design style that looks great and is functional. Let’s take a look at some of the key aspects of country design to create your perfect space.

Brass Hardware

Brass shutter hardware is a classic touch for country style. It adds a traditional facet to your home and looks great with distressed wood paneling. The finishes are rustic and can be bold in color to coordinate with your home decor. Add brass lanterns from places like Matalan to illuminate pathways, or use a combination of brass lanterns and accents that match the light woodwork in the rest of your house. A great country design idea is to add brass wall sconces directly above beds or staircases that will help create lighting ceilings in bedrooms. Brass is a lovely touch to add a rustic feel and personality to your space.

White Wood

White woodwork is one of the most important aspects of country design. It helps to add a neutral and fresh feel to the house. You can really add this in splashes when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms too. Adding white woodwork to your home allows you to make a dramatic statement without being too bold. White woodwork can be contrasted with dark floors or cabinets for extra drama as well. In addition, white woodwork is very easy to paint or stain to match other colors in your home. White wood is one of the most iconic features of country home design that really makes a space feel like home. The French country theme also uses a lot of white which is reflected in ranges offered by places like Homes Direct 365. Huge sections of their furniture is painted white or distressed which is reminiscent of the country theme

Floral Accent Chairs

Decorated chairs are an excellent country accent for almost any room in your home. Placing floral chairs in front of a fireplace will let you enjoy the added comfort during colder seasons. The floral print on these chairs reflects that of flower boxes and is a soft look that is very welcoming. Adding these chairs will make your living room or family room feel like home. This is a great way to add color and texture to your country home without it feeling overwhelming. You can also choose more neutral color patterns in your floral design for a more subtle look.

Neutral Wall Paint

Nurtural paint colors are popular for country home design because they fit in well with a natural setting. You can achieve this through a lighter tone of green that is reminiscent of the trees outside. This color will make your home look like it is serene and peaceful. This look will give you an updated and modern take on a classic country design style. Neutrals are perfect for walls because they allow you to play around with color in the other aspects of your home such as decor and rugs. If you are feeling excited, you can also add more bold colors like red brick to imitate the exterior of your house. Even with small pops of color, the epitome of country home design is really focused on neutral tones and imitating the natural world around you.

Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are a great way to showcase personality and personal style. These walls are excellent at decorating longer walls in your homes, especially if you have a long hallway. You can place framed pictures of people you love, works of art that you created yourself or even simple and classic family photos. With gallery walls, there is no limit to what pictures you can add. You can keep them all relating to a certain topic or theme or just fill the wall with things that will make your home feel cozy and warm. Gallery walls pair perfectly with country interior design because you can play around with different types of wood frames.

Metal Bed Frames

Metal bed frames are popular for country home design because they give the impression of rustic and traditional design. These design elements work well with a lot of different types of decorating styles and can help to bring in a warm feel to the house. Metal bed frames give off a rustic vibe, and a more industrial color combination is great for any room in your house. The contrast with light woodwork also creates another decorative element that you can play around with to add color or change the look of any room. Metal frames give a vintage feel that really adds to the country home aesthetic.

Open Kitchen Shelves

Open shelves are a perfect way to bring in a more modern country look. This is great for kitchen design because it will add extra storage space without taking up too much room in the kitchen. When you have small homes, this will be the perfect solution to put the kitchen counter space to use without being too intrusive. You can also pull out some of those decorative pieces that you love and do not use often enough now that they have a home here instead of in a drawer or closet. Open shelves are another great way to add color to your home without it feeling overwhelming or too bold. Exposed shelving adds a really unique touch and pairs wells with the rest of the country design style.

Final Thoughts

Country home design is the perfect place to express yourself and your personality. There are so many different ways to nail this style that you are sure to find something that really belongs in your house. You can add so much personality by adding small elements like wallpaper, a floral print or a unique accent chair. This style can be more affordable than you think, too! When you feel inspired, start brainstorming and planning the perfect country home for you and your family. Keep in mind some of the simple elements mentioned above, and get decorating today.

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