6 Time Saving Interior Design Tips

Designing your home is a fun and challenging experience. This activity sparks your creativity, resourcefulness, and even your critical thinking skills. However, identifying the right fixtures, wall paint, appliance placement, furniture layout, and home décors can be overwhelming. For first-timers, interior design can be a lengthy process due to the time required to make fabric, texture, and color choices, and where to buy them.

In this article, you’ll learn the best time-saving interior design tips for an efficient home interior design. 

1. Upgrade Your Curtains To High-Quality Blinds

Instantly transform your living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and even your bathroom by upgrading your boring curtains to high-quality blinds. Blinds match any home design theme, such as modern, contemporary, and even traditional classic styles. They also come in different colors and materials, such as wood, metal, vinyl, fabric, and PVC plastic. 

Here are some good-to-know, time-saving interior design tips you can try: 

  • Go for neutral colors of blinds: Save time thinking about the best color of blinds for your home by choosing neutral colors, such as white, beige, tan, cream, and gray. These colors can be combined with any trim and home décor color, saving your precious time matching the blinds with the right design elements. Also, neutral-colored blinds don’t draw the eyes away from your living room’s focal point, such as your luxury Italian leather sofa. 
  • Choose easy-to-clean blinds: Blinds with easy-to-wipe slats, such as faux wood Venetian, roller, and vertical blinds, are convenient to decorate and clean. You can install these blinds in water- and dirt-prone areas, such as the kitchen and bathroom. 
  • Combine blinds and curtains: If you want to benefit from both blinds and curtains, you can, fortunately, combine these two window treatments, helping you attain a great look for your living room. It’s also an excellent way to control light and privacy. 

You can find high-quality blinds in a wide array of designs, colors, and types from reputable suppliers, such as makemyblinds.co.uk.

2. Change Coverings

Another amazing time-saving interior design tip is to change your coverings. 

If you have neutral-colored walls, change your plain bed covers, pillowcases, sofa cover, refrigerator cover, and others into something floral, striped, and lively. 

3. Add Houseplants

On the other hand, if your coverings are mostly printed and you have plenty of home decors, reduce your design’s loudness by choosing neutral- and pastel-colored sheets and covers. 

Instantly make your home more relaxing and fresher by adding houseplants. Ornamentals and succulents are easy to manage, saving you time watering. Houseplants also help improve your interior’s aesthetic appeal and indoor air quality, providing you a safe and healthy home

Check the following examples of beautiful houseplants for your home’s interior:

  • Fiddle-leaf fig tree: This shrub’s scientific name is Ficus Lyrata, boasting a long, elegant stem with leathery leaves. It only needs watering once a week. 
  • Amazon lily: It’s a dark-green plant featuring large, white flowers. This plant blooms throughout winter and spring.  
  • Snake plant: This plant has sword-shaped leaves that wind gently from the soil, looking like charmed green snakes from a basket.  
  • Asparagus fern: This indoor plant has signature soft fronds that you can prune back to look like a miniature ghostly tree.

4. Half Open Half Close Cabinet Design

If you’re planning to purchase a cabinet for your living room or kitchen, you can save time where to display and store items at the same time by choosing a half-open and half-close cabinet design.

The top open design allows you to display photo frames, Limoges porcelain, decorative boxes, silverware, and figurines. The half bottom has an enclosed design to store your rarely used tableware and kitchen utensils.

5. Change Furniture Layout

If you don’t have time to scout furniture, buy or create home decors, or paint walls, changing your bedroom or living room’s seating and other furniture layout is a bright idea. If you’re alone, choose easy-to-move furniture pieces–those that aren’t too heavy or furniture with wheels. 

Think of a more suitable way to position your bed, sofa, and furniture pieces by considering the following factors: 

  • Traffic: Determine the number of people passing or using the room, including their age. Children would typically need a spacious area to improve their skills and move around. 
  • Purpose of the room: Is the room a play area, entertainment area, or cooking area? A study room or home office can be designed in a compact space because one family member will likely use it.  
  • Ventilation: Make sure that your room has good airflow. Don’t block entryways like doors and windows. Maintaining good airflow helps avoid bad energy, which is lucky in Feng Shui.  
  • Accessibility: Make sure that your furniture layout promotes accessibility to regularly-used appliances and other items, saving time and effort walking around.

6. Install Hooks, Organizers, And Create Storage Areas

Hooks and organizers make time-saving interior designing a breeze. Once you have them in place, you can now simply change the decors based on the season and occasion.

Check the following tips to save time designing your home when using hooks, organizers, and creating storage areas: 

  • Hook display hangers: You can hang Santa Claus and candy cane displays on hooks on Christmas and then replace them with heart ornaments on Valentine’s Day.
  • Hanging organizers: Use hanging organizers with decorative prints and designs to create storage areas, helping avoid clutter in different rooms. 
  • Invest in functional seating: Creative storage ideas include investing in a sofa and ottoman chairs with hidden storage. You can conveniently buy functional chairs online or in any of your local furniture stores. 

In Conclusion

Save time designing your interior by upgrading your window treatments, choosing high-quality blinds, and changing covers. Adding indoor plants can also help you instantly freshen up your home’s interior. It’s also a good idea to buy functional cabinets and storage solutions to keep your home organized.  Change the overall look of any room by changing the furniture layout. Also, install hooks and organizers to make changing decorations a lot easier based on the celebration. 

Apply these tips and save time when designing your home’s interior, making it more aesthetically appealing, functional, safe, and comfortable.

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