The Essentials You Need To Start Gardening

Gardening is so much more than a hobby; spending time in nature and getting in tune with the earth has several incredible health and wellness benefits. From boosted mood and better memory to a stronger immune system, reduced stress, and even enhanced sleep quality, gardening practices truly can transform your life. 

But before you can start churning soil into wellness benefits, you will need the following essentials. 

Hand Pruning Sheers

One of the biggest plant parenting mistakes you can make is reaching for regular scissors to trim and prune plants. Not only will the duller blade of regular craft scissors damage the plant, but you will also battle a lot more. 

Pruning sheers are sharp and sturdy enough to make clipping stems effortless while inflicting minimal damage on plants.

A Shovel

Even if you only plan to grow indoor plants, you will still need a pot and re-pot your plants without damaging the roots. But if you will be gardening outside, investing in a hand shovel and a larger garden shovel is worthwhile.

Garden pots

Many beginner gardeners make the common mistake of assuming they won’t need garden pots. When purchasing a plant from the nursery, it comes in a pot. So, why buy more pots? 

If you plan on keeping a plant in a pot, you must re-pot it routinely to prevent root rot and cramping that will stunt growth. You must move plants to a slightly larger pot with fresh soil to support healthy roots. So, you should get a few extra pots.

Garden Hose And A Watering Can

If you will be filling up your garden with vibrant nature, a garden hose will make it easy to water plants when the weather is less nurturing. But some plants might need more hydration than others, so getting a watering can is wise.

Gardening Gloves

Unless you want to spend the rest of the day digging dirt out from under your nails, it’s wise to invest in a quality pair of gardening gloves. The best gardening gloves are waterproof and provide enough protection to prevent cuts and scrapes.

A Hand Rake

A hand rake makes it possible to clear weeds, small stones, and other things to make cultivating the soil easy. Cultivating the soil before sewing seeds is essential to ensure the roots can grow freely.

The Right Soil

You might want to purchase young plants in pots and place them strategically in your garden or transfer them into garden beds. Otherwise, you might start the plant-parenting journey right at the beginning by sewing seeds. You will need the right type of soil regardless of which planting approach you choose.

Different plants demand different soil environments. So, be sure to spend some time researching the recommended soil for your choice of plants. 

Once you have all the essentials you need to start gardening, spend some time learning about plant care basics. Whether your plants are inside or outside, you must constantly tend to the environment to ensure they can thrive.

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