Bathroom themes that you will love

Your bathroom is a pretty important room in your house. You will go in there several times a day, and even guests will use it, so it’s essential that you’re happy with how it looks. Head to a bathrooms & tiles superstore and grab what you need to transform your bathroom with one of these fantastic themes.

A nautical theme

It makes sense to have a nautical theme in your bathroom, in that you already have the water element covered. You can get some charming seaside-themed items for your bathroom to enhance the theme, such as little boat ornaments or anchors. You could even add some shells in a nice pot onto a driftwood shelf and paint in light blue and white to set the tone of the room.

A botanical theme

Everyone is loving plants right now – real or fake, rainforest chic is a huge trend in home decor, so why not bring it to your bathroom? Think tropical leaf shower curtain, fern-coloured bath towels, and of course, more plants than you can shake a stick at! Either opt for easy-to-care-for faux plants or something that thrives in a bathroom environment, such as peace lilies or ferns. 

Shabby chic

Distressed white wood, vintage glassware (ideal for decanting your creams into), floral accents… shabby chic is lived-in and feminine. This theme lends itself really well to a bathroom and is relatively easy to achieve, especially if you enjoy thrift shopping or upcycling things you already have. 

A spa theme

Make every day feel like a spa day in your bathroom with crisp, clean lines, fluffy towels, and beautiful artwork on the walls. Treat yourself to a bamboo shower mat(naturally antibacterial too!), a bath tray, and a fresh-smelling diffuser to enhance the vibe you’re going for. The key to this theme is to avoid clutter where possible and keep everything immaculately clean – a soak in the bath doesn’t have the same effect if you’re surrounded by kids bath toys and your husband’s clothes. 


Bathrooms don’t have to be completely white, and adding a matte paint in a bold colour, such as a dark forest green on a feature wall, can really make a statement. Steer away from traditional silver accessories, and instead go for gold fittings on handles and even your taps. Use a gold drinks trolley to house your various lotions and potions and use vinyl on the side of your bath panel to tie the whole look together. 

When they’re hidden away, rooms can often become a bit of an afterthought or be kept relatively simple and a little boring. However, your bathroom can become your favourite room in the house if you put in a bit of effort. Choosing a theme can help you decide on various decor options, and the small touches can really bring a theme to life. Make your bathroom into a real talking point, rather than just a functional space with no character.

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