What if we told you there is something you can do to increase your office productivity, reduce stress, and increase your effectiveness? We know you think that an all-in-one solution to your office problems does not exist, and we are crazy to say otherwise. That is a valid statement from your point of view. However, there is a solution that exists, which checks all the boxes, and it is something you have complete control over. It is an organized office environment.

Working inside an organized office has many benefits other than visual aesthetics. For starters, office organization leads to reduced stress. When you work inside a cluttered environment, it signals your brains that you have more work to do than your regular office work. Workspace organization reduces this stress and provides you with a feeling that you are in control of everything. We have put together a list of office organizational tips that you can read below. They will allow you to organize your workspace without any outside help.


Sometimes there will be tons of stuff on your desk or in the office storeroom that you do not use anymore and is taking up unnecessary space. It can be old office documents, old books, or broken stationery. Get rid of these items right now by utilizing a self-storage unit. Some people might say that a storage unit is an overkill for office items. However, there is no other way you can keep important documents and other office-based belongings safe and secure. The size of the storage unit you go for depends on the size and amount of items you want to store. You can always search for storage units near your office and rent them out if you require them. Go for it if you want to reduce clutter and organize your office at the same time.


If you want to organize your office on a budget, a label maker is the best thing. Doing simple things such as labeling all your paperwork and cabinets will avoid frustration and save time, limiting the number of distractions you have while working. For example, put a label on the box of printer papers. People will stop annoying you by asking for printer paper again and again. 

You can also put labels on stationery holders, containers, lockers, and much more and take your organizational game to the next level. If you cannot get your hands on a label maker, you can go for a simple permanent marker and masking tape approach. Write whatever you want on the masking tape and stick it to whatever you please.


If your cubicle is near a wall or your office contains some free wall space, use that to your advantage. You can utilize it to store office supplies, mails, and electronics, which will free up some used up space on your desk. For email, you can install a pegboard with hooks on one of these walls and store all your keys, stationery, and other office supplies on it. 

You can also go for honeycomb shelves. They will provide you with functionality and add some aesthetic appeal to your office or cubicle. But, if you do not have a free wall to utilize for storage, get together with your coworker and create a shared storage whiteboard with hooks. Not only will you be able to organize all the offices at your work, but you will also bond with your coworkers. In addition, f you have a big office and there are lots of items that need to be taken out or archived you can rent a portable storage container in which you can organize and store your items and retrieve them whenever you wish. You can place your storage container in the vicinity of your office so that it would be easier for you to access it whenever you need something from your office archive and in case if your office’s location changes you can easily transport the storage to your new location.


How many times have you returned something while working at your office? It can be a courier that you received or a product you received for trial. Such packages can lead to tons of receipts on your desk. Paper receipts are still in use in offices all around the world. A container of some sort, such as a mason jar, will allow you to ensure these receipts remain safe and secure and always at a hand’s reach.

If you do not like the analog approach, you can always go for a digital one. Convert all of these paper receipts into e-receipts by running them through a document scanner. Having them on your mobile device or computer will ensure you will always have access to them whenever you need them. Plus, it will eliminate the need for any form of a storage container, which will free up more space on your desk.


Your office is someplace you will spend most of your time during the day. However, it can become hard to complete your work if you have to go through tons of clutter and mess before you can even sit down on your office chair. You should start organizing your office starting from today if you want to work in peace and tranquility. Take small steps and store or remove one thing one day at a time. Taking on the organizational process and trying to complete it 24 hours will only fail.

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