Why Buy Rose Gold Instead of Yellow Gold?

Gold is not just metal. It has emotions attached to it. When people buy gold, they are not only paying for an accessory but something that has a particular purpose of serving. Be it to themselves or for their dear and loved ones; gold has always been special. Different forms of gold are available in the market. Based on different alloy recipes used, gold is available in different colours like yellow, rose, and white. Yellow gold is pure gold, but as it is too soft, it is undesirable to use it in its pure state as jewellery. So, it is blended or alloyed with other metals to make it strong enough to wear as ornaments. 

Among the gold colours, rose gold is now trendy as people love to have ornaments that go with their skin colour or attire. What happens when you have expensive jewellery to choose, that comes in pleasing shades. Yes, this is the reason why people are obsessed with rose gold nowadays. A blend of 75% yellow gold mixed with copper and silver ‘The Trinity ring’ actually popularized the gold colours. But when that trend was over, the popularity of rose gold had a roller coaster ride. Now, ornaments like rose gold earrings have regained their popularity and are widely used. Here are some of the reasons why rose gold is preferred over other colours.

Why Should You Buy?

Rose gold is a very romantic colour, and rose gold jewellery looks elegant and beautiful because of that. Be it rose gold earrings, engagement rings, or chains, the lustrous pinkish metal looks stunning and perfectly suitable for many special events like anniversaries, marriage, marriage proposal, etc.Now, they are pretty much a set standard and especially for engagement rings and other jewellery. Rose gold accessories are available in different styles. Also, rose gold rings are suitable for both men and women. Let’s look at some other positives of buying rose gold:

1. Affordable

Compared to other alloys of gold, rose gold is much affordable as one of the metals used to make it is copper. Copper costs less compared to the other metals used for making jewellery, and that makes rose gold cost lesser than yellow or white gold.

2. Durable

Due to the higher quantity of copper, rose gold is much stronger and durable than yellow or white gold. It is the copper that provides the rose gold with its strength and stability.

3. Complement all skin tones

The pinkish colour gives it a classic look, and it can complement all kinds of skin tones. It will go with the fair as well as dark skin. 


Using rose gold does not cause any serious physical issues. But there is a chance for some people to be allergic to it. It is not a hypoallergenic metal, but there will be chances to have allergic reactions in some. Another thing is that rose gold is not as widely available as yellow or white gold, despite being in style.


Rose gold is one of the things that people just love to buy for. Their pinkish lustre and various designs delight everyone at first sight. Rose gold, without a doubt, is a trend that’s here to stay.

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