How to Give Yourself a Glow Up After Giving Birth

It can be hard getting your confidence back after giving birth. It’s usually yoinked out of you once the pregnancy symptoms really kick in. It’s hard feeling mentally if, physically speaking, you don’t feel great. The heartburn, the stretchy maternity clothes, the swollen feet, feeling gassy, and you can’t forget about the hormones either.

 All of these just have a way of taking away any sort of confidence that you have. But even after giving birth, you still have hormones you’re dealing with, energy levels, lack of sleep due to feeding, physical pain, and so much more. All of it can be fairly challenging to deal with. But with that said, you just have to remember what your body went through. 

Your body literally created a new little human. It’s incredible! While you might feel bad and maybe even insecure, you did something wonderful that deserves to so much. But with that said, it’s entirely understandable that you might have lost some confidence, but sometimes, all you need to make a positive change is a good glow-up. So no matter if it’s a few weeks or months after giving birth, here’s how you can give yourself a nice glow-up!

It All Starts with Sleep

Pregnancy and childbirth are beautiful experiences, but they can also be very exhausting. Taking care of a new baby means being on your toes 24 by 7, and that can take its toll on your beauty routine. Sleep deprivation will not only leave you looking haggard but can also lead to a poor diet and lack of exercise. All of which can affect your skin. Needless to say, it’s clearly all far from ideal. While getting enough rest may seem impossible with a newborn, it is important to try and get at least seven hours of sleep each night. 

That will help give your skin the glow it needs and will also improve your mood. You can’t really be mum of the year if you’re constantly groggy. You might even need to get help from others, such as your partner, so you can feel assured you’re getting enough sleep each night.

Your Health is Just as Important

Even though your little one is going to be your number one, that shouldn’t mean that you should put your health on the back burner; you still need to eat right, you still need exercise, you’re still going to need to see dentists, and so much. Overall, you can’t neglect any of these; it’s so important that you don’t. If your health is on the decline, how can you expect to feel confident? Better yet, how do you expect to be a good parent? 

Take Care of Your Skin, Hair, and Nails

You can’t forget your beauty routine, yes, even now when you’re busier than ever. Getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, and eating a healthy diet are important for keeping your skin and hair looking their best. Your hormones also go on a wild ride during pregnancy, causing your nails and hair to grow stronger and longer. This can make your nails look brittle and cracked, but the good news is that this usually resolves once your hormones return to normal if you can, try to treat yourself to a hair mask, face mask, and even something for your nails and hands. While it can be challenging to go back to an extensive skincare routine, if you can do something in the meanwhile (like a mask), then definitely go for it.

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